Halloween Craft Ideas With Bostik

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Halloween Craft Ideas With Bostik

Halloween Craft Ideas

Over the next few months we have the fun job of being Bostik Bloggers. A week ago we were sent a selection of Autumn and Halloween craft supplies and told to get crafty....

halloween wreath

Wreaths see to be all the rage at the moment and I loved making a Christmas bauble wreath. I started by cutting the middle out of a paper plate and securing a pipe cleaner on the back as a hanger. I then glue on fabric Autumn leaves.

making an autumn wreath

I then glued feathers onto the back of the wreath before adding some buttons on the front for decoration.

Halloween wreath tutorial

Glow in the Dark Hama Bead Spider

I have to say I have a new love for Hama Beads and I can't wait to make some more glow in the dark creations with the boys in half term. Looking at the hexagon tile I was sent the first thing that jumped out at me was that it was the shape of a spiders web.

Glow in the dark hama bead spider

I then made a little spider to go with it and attached it to the web with a piece of white cotton. I also glued on some googly eyes so it was more cute than scary!

Hama bead spider and web

Witches hat party favour

last but not least I made a witches hat filled with sweets. Perfect as a favour if you have a Halloween party planned.

Making a witches hat

I put a selection of sweets into a cardboard cone and secured them in place by placing a cupcake case over the top.

covering cone

Next I glued black felt around the witches cardboard cone.

making witches hat

I then cut a circle from some black foam and glued the cone to this. I finished it off by adding some ribbon and a pipe cleaner.

Witches hat party favour

Whilst I was making the hat, little man had a go at crafting too. Who wouldn't be scared if they saw this spider creeping across the floor!

Have you got any crafts planned for this half term and Halloween?

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