Meringue Bones


Tuesday 20 October 2015

Meringue Bones

meringue bones for Halloween

For the last few years I have thrown little man a Halloween Birthday party. I am not really into the gruesome food - more cute spiders and ok maybe the odd eyeball cake pop

Little man is getting excited as dressing as the Gruffalo and middle man is currently planning on being a Nasa Spaceman!?!

I am planning on having a chocolate fondue with some apples, strawberries and bananas to dip in, but thought I would have a go at making some meringues too to see if they worked. I am pleased to say they did.

This made around 25 bones:

2 egg whites
125g caster sugar.

I started by whisking the egg whites until stiff. I then whisked in the caster sugar. Next I put the mixture in an icing bag and piped some bone shapes onto baking parchment.

I then cooked them at 140C for about 25 minutes. Here I served them with some strawberry sauce. A bit too gruesome for my liking but the boys didn't bat an eyelid! Have you got any good Halloween recipes?

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