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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Easy To Make Sweet Birthday Cake That Anyone Can Make

I won't lie I took a deep sigh of relief when big man asked for this easy to make sweet cake for his birthday his 10th Birthday The last few weeks have been a mad panic, so an easy bake was the way to go. If you can bake a simple sponge then this cake is super simple to make. You can use chocolate fingers or kit kats for the edges. I tend to opt for chocolate fingers as they cost less, and big man really wanted white chocolate ones.

easy to make sweet cake
Easy To Make Sweet Birthday Cake

The only down side of this cake is that if you leave any extra pieces of cake on the table with a load of 10 year old boys, they will pick the sweets off!

Easy To Make Sweet Birthday Cake

  • 8oz caster sugar
  • 8oz butter
  • 8oz self raising flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tubs of Betty Crockers vanilla frosting
  • 2 packets of white chocolate fingers
  • 5 types of sweets

  1. Pre heat your oven to 180C
  2. Mix the caster sugar, butter (I melt it for 15s in the microwave) flour and eggs together.
  3. Split the mixture between two 8 inch cake tins and bake until a skewer comes out clean.
  4. Once cooled sandwich the cakes together with vanilla frosting.
  5. Spread frosting over the sides of the cake and stick on the chocolate fingers. Tie a ribbon around the cake to keep them in place.
  6. Add frosting to the top of the cake. 
  7. Use chocolate fingers to split the top of the cake into 5 sections. Arrange sweets of your choice into these sections.
10th sweet Birthday cake
Who wouldn't want a Birthday Cake Filled With Sweets?

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easy to make sweet birthday cake, perfect for tweens and teens

Other Easy To Make Birthday Cakes

When it comes to Birthday cakes for tweens it seems to be all about the sweets. As many sweets as possible! As a busy Mum, I like simple cakes that light my boys faces up and this chocolate explosion cake worked a treat. To be honest, I would be happy if it was made for me on my Birthday!

 Chocolate Explosion Cake
Easy To Make Chocolate Explosion Cake

If you want a cake that looks impressive but is actually really simple, then this pick n mix anti gravity cake is your answer. Perfect for any age. Who can resist a foam shrimp?

Easy To Make Pick N Mix Cake

Sunday, 15 September 2019

[AD] Soundcore Life Q20 Wireless Headphones Review

We have been fans of Anker and their products for over a year now and have recently been sent the Soundcore Life Q20 Wireless headphones to review. Until recently, I haven't really needed headphones. But with the children getting bigger and house getting busier, I have realised that they are a great way of listening to the music the YOU like whist not the kids are watching TV/listening to music they like.

The Soundcore Life Q20 headphones are wireless, meaning they are great to pop on whilst I am doing the housework and certainly make cleaning more pleasurable!

I am currently sitting here listening to Lewis Capaldi whilst my husband is watching The Simpsons and I can't hear a word of it!

I won't pretend to be an expert on sound quality, but to me they appear really good. My husband sees himself as a one and agrees that they are indeed great. The headband is comfortable and the extra soft ear cups are labelled left and right. They are super simple to charge with a usb lead and have an impressive 30 hour playtime. A voice will tell you when the the charge is getting low.

There is also an auxiliary cable which my 11 year old son explained to me means that I can plug them in as well rather than use bluetooth. Who needs an instruction booklet when you have tech savvy tweens!?!

If you are travelling then they are foldable and have a soft pouch to put them in.

I am pleased to say that they are adult sized so my boys cant steal them from me. I don't think I have a particularly small head, but I have no need to extend them at all and they fit well.

If you are looking for some good quality headphones then I would certainly recommend the Soundcore Life Q20 wireless headphones which you can purchase from Amazon.

I was given a pair of Souncore Life Q20 wireless headphones for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

Meal Planning Monday

Another week has whizzed by and we have had a lovely weekend seeing my Aunt and Uncle and attending a friends Baptism. The food bill was far higher this week than I would like and I blame it on all the snacks I am buying for the eldest who started secondary school. At the moment he seems to be eating a school dinner and a packed lunch as a "snack." I know he is a growing boy and all that buy my I think I need to do some baking or something to fill him up!

This weekend I am off to Blog On so the men of the house can have one of the batch cooked meals I made the other weekend. Let me know if I'll see you there.

So back to this weeks meals#

Monday: Quiche

Tuesday: Enchiladas. I have one of those kits that I am giving a go as an alternative to fajitas.

Wednesday: Cheesy egg and bacon muffins - and while I am there I think I should update the photo too! They really are a great quick meal.

Thursday: Honey parsnip soup with crusty bread

Friday: Lamb dhansak that I have in the freezer

Saturday: Cottage pie and peas

Sunday: Maybe a roast

What have you got planned?


Sunday, 8 September 2019

Meal Planning Mondays

Well it was back to work with a bang and I am already behind on home stuff thanks to missing my day off. I have been trying to get organised with a bit of help from TOMM and some batch cooking. I ended up making two cottage pies and a lasagne for when things go crazy in a few weeks time.

This week I am going for easy meals whilst we get back into the swing of things with after schools clubs starting

Monday: Cheese and ham quesadilla

Tuesday: Fish pie as we have had some fish in the freezer for a long time that needs eating.

Wednesday: Fajitas 

Thursday: Veggie hot dogs

Friday: Thai green curry

As for the weekend it is play it by ear as we have lots of plans and it will be whatever fits in!

What have you got planned for this week?


Thursday, 5 September 2019

[Ad] The Organised Mum Method Book Review

When I was first offered The Organised Mum Method to review, I hadn't heard of Gemma Bray's successful blog but was in need of some help on getting on top of things. One of the hardest things I have found about being a Mum is keeping on top of the housework for 5 people. It regularly gets me down.

reading the organised Mum Method

At the beginning of the year I watched Marie Kondo's show on Netflix which helped lots with the decluttering. Turns out there wasn't a great deal of stuff in our house that sparked joy! I was therefore keen to see how Gemma's book could help me further.

Gemma developed her The Organised Mum Method (TOMM) when she first had children  12 years ago. TOMM is not rocket science but if things are getting out of control then it is definitely worth a read. The idea is that 30 minutes a day will keep your house in an acceptable (its ok if someone drops round) kind of cleanliness.

I have photocopied her levelled tasks so that they are clearly visible and that I and the children know what they need to do each day. I am very keen to get the children helping as it is important that they take some responsibility over their rooms and clothes.

Every day there are easy tasks that need to be competed. I love the fact that you should only do a load of washing if you can dry it and put it away. In the past I have often just kept loading the machine, leaving a great pile of clean clothes. Friday focus, is concentrating on deep cleaning the house in a certain area. Again a great idea.

Gemma recommends meal planning (which I already do) and has a number of slow cooker recipes to fall back on. We tried Jonny's Chorizo Chicken and it was lovely.

Jonny's Chorizo Chicken

I am looking forward to continuing with the TOMM and seeing if it makes a difference to the house and my happiness levels. So far it looks like it will.

You can purchase TOMM from Amazon and find her blog here.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Meal Planning Mondays

That is it, the holidays are officially over and I am back into the meal planning. We will be trying to ear slightly more healthily with a few smaller meals this week after all the snacks at Disney and Universal!

Both me and my eldest start back at school on Tuesday so on Monday we will go out for lunch as one last treat for them.

Tuesday:Spaghetti Bolognese and garlic dough balls

Thursday: Homemade chicken burgers

Friday:Thai chicken curry in the slow cooker

Saturday: Curry from my Spicery kit and the boys will have slow cooked chicken Korma

Sunday: Cottage pie that I will batch cook and freeze one for another day.

What have you got planned this week?


Saturday, 31 August 2019

Our Top 5 Snacks From Disney And Universal

We have just returned from a great two weeks in Orlando visiting Disney and Universal. If you are on Disney dining plan then there are loads of snacks that you can enjoy. If you are staying offsite and don't want to put on a couple of stone or spend an absolute fortune then you will want to choose carefully. As a general rule, snacks and drinks start at the $5 mark.

One thing that surprised me was that slush in the US is fizzy. Give me a Slush Puppie any day. You can get these much cheaper in the petrol stations as they will set you back nearly $5 for one in the parks.

So what snacks made it into my top 5? I should say that the top 3 could be in any order as they were all so good.

1. Cold Store Creamery Ice Cream located in Universal Citywalk

Cold Store Creamery Ice Cream located in Universal Citywalk

OMG this is some of the best ice cream ever. We shared 2 large ones between the 5 of us and there was more than enough. It came to around $20. We had an oreo overload and a strawberry one with strawberries and pie crust. Both were amazing.

2. Sprinkles Cupcake ATM located in Disney Springs

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM located in Disney Springs

Again, a total gimmick and possibly the most expensive cupcake ever - $5.50 + tax. But how can you resist trying a cupcake ATM? Lots of fun and one of the best, if not the best, cupcakes I have ever eaten. (It was salted caramel.)

You can find it by walking straight out of the lime garage and it is on your right.

3. Voodoo Doughnuts located in Universal Citywalk

Voodoo Doughnuts located in Universal Citywalk

On the basis that the queue for this place was longer than the one for RIP Ride Rockit, I was pretty sure that they would taste good. You can get a cake type doughnut or a yeast one. I personally preferred the yeast one. The price depends on the type you choose and was from around 2 to 6 dollars a doughnut. My husband and I shared the Universal doughnut (it is the size of 2!) and it was amazing.

4. Mickey's Kitchen Sink located in Magic Kingdom Plaza Ice Cream Parlour

Mickey's Kitchen Sink located in Magic Kingdom Plaza Ice Cream Parlour

This is more of a novelty. The ice cream is good but not fantastic like Cold Store Creamery. There are 4 scoops of ice cream with sauce and whipped cream. It came in at the $18 mark but I now have a link kitchen sink as a momento.

5. Lard Lad Doughnut located in Universal Studio

Lard Lad Doughnut located in Universal Studio

The Big Pink can be purchased from a van in The Simpsons area. It is actually pretty good value at around $7.50 as it easily fed the 5 of us.

So there are my top 5 snacks, I didn't even see a Dole whip to try one. Clearly need to go back to find one. What are your favourite snacks when visiting Disney and Universal?