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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Meal Planning Monday

Last weeks meal plan went well and I also made courgette and feta fritters which I will write up this week. I had forgotten how good they were! They are perfect for lunch in the nice weather we have been having.

This week it is my turn to make a cake for the works bake off. I still have no idea what to make, so if you have any great cake recipes - let me know!

So what have we got on our meal plan this week?

Monday: BLTs

Tuesday: Chicken and chorizo one pot

Wednesday: Quesadilla

Thursday: Pizza. (I am still perfecting a cauliflower base for me!)

Friday:Garlic pork

Saturday: Prawn curry.

Sunday: I am off out so something from the freezer for my husband and boys.

What are you eating this week. Oh and don't forget to tell me what kind of cake you like best!


Sunday, 30 June 2019

Meal Planning Mondays

can’t quite believe how we are hurtling towards the end of term and the summer holidays. Three weeks and counting for me. Three and a half for the boys. This week we have a busy first half of the week with karate and the dentist.

I have decided to follow a lower carb diet in a hope to lose a few pounds before we head to the states and I put them back on and probably more. I’m not cutting them out completely as I love overnight oats for breakfast.

However, I am trying to eat less bread, potatoes and pasta. Especially after 4pm. I have been doing this for 2 weeks now and lost a couple of kilograms so am heading in the right direction. I have been replacing pasta with courgettes, rice with cauliflower and potatoes with butternut squash.

So what is on the cards for this week?

Sunday: Ham, Egg and chips (I will be trying butternut squash ones from Sainsbury’s.) We were meant to have this last week but I forgot to put it on before work and ended up with freezer surprise for tea.

Monday: Tacos. I will be having lettuce cups rather than the crispy shells

Tuesday: Scrambled egg and chorizo, but no bagel or toast for me.

Wednesday: Pizza. I am going to give a cauliflower crust a go. I will let you know my verdict!

Thursday: Lemon Chicken. This is a recipe I have never tried before but have been looking for inspiration from one of the many recipe books I own so again will give it a go.

Friday: Slow cooked chicken Korma. A favourite of all the family and I love a curry on a Friday night.

Saturday: Hoisin chicken skewers and salad.

What have you got planned this week?


Thursday, 27 June 2019

[Ad] Completing Couch to 5K week 5 with the Soundcore Icon Mini

When I said yes to reviewing the Souncore Icon Mini, I didn't really have running in mind. I had been planning on taking our flare speaker with us on our upcoming trip to Orlando. However, I like to pack light and the icon mini seemed just the right size. Much lighter, so easy to pack in the case but perfect to listen to by the pool in our villa.

When it arrived, excitement took over. I wanted to use it right away. Working it was so simple. Turned it on, located the bluetooth on my phone and played a downloaded spotify playlist. So I decided I would take it out on our couch to 5 k runs. We had completed week 4 and I knew that we needed music to keep us going. I hadn't expected what a difference this would make.

As I am running with my boys, I didn't want us all plugged in to our own devices. The icon mini enables us to run together and have music playing to focus us when the going gets tough. A distraction. Oh my how it has made a difference. This week for the first time in my life, I ran for 20 minutes without stopping! I may not look my best but who cares - I ran for 20 minutes!

I have still not caught the running bug yet, but the icon mini is making our runs more enjoyable. Well that and middle man claiming that "listen the birds are cheering us on too Mummy!"

What more can I say about the icon mini? It is lightweight, sounds good, easy to use and waterproof too. Have you done couch to 5K? What helped you make it through the 9 weeks?

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Meal Planning Monday

As we hurtle towards the end of term, I can barely remember my own name let alone what we are eating each day. Luckily having it written down helps a lot! This week my eldest goes for tranisition at secondary school and that evening we have a meet the tutor evening. That means that both Monday and Wednesday need to be quick meals. I am hoping that a BBQ will be on the cards for the weekend as the weather should be looking up. So here is our plan for this week.

Monday: Cheats Croque Monsieur

Tuesday: Ham, egg and chips

Wednesday: Smoked salmon and poached eggs (Yes I am still addicted to this)

Thursday: Beef salad. Its a Jamie Oliver recipe with pesto and pine nuts and is really good.

Friday: Salmon and Vegetables

Saturday: BBQ food including prawn skewers

and maybe some pork and apple burgers

Sunday: Roast beef

What have you got planned?


Cheats Croque Monsieur

I apologise to any French people, but this cheats Croque Monsieur is a quick and easy lunch or quick tea and my boys enjoy it as do I. It is perfect for when their is little time and they need to get to their karate lesson.

My boys often have school dinners, so aren't always in need of a large meal for dinner. On nights when they have their karate class, quick and easy dinners are in order. Current favourites include scrambled egg and chorizo

My cheats croque Monsieur can be made in minutes and scoffed in just about the same time.

Cheats Croque Monsieur

  • 2 slices of white bread
  • 1 slice of cheese 
  • 1 slice of ham
  • soft cream cheese
  1. Place 2 slices of white bread under the grill until lightly toasted.
  2. Spread soft cheese on the uncooked side of toast, and sandwich a piece of ham in it.
  3. Spread a small amount of soft cheese on the top toasted park and add a slice of cheese on top. Emmental is best but edam works well too.
  4. Toast until melted.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Meal Planning Monday

I have gone out of sync with meal planning at the moment and need to get back in the swing of things. Life is even busier at the moment with various school activities. Meal planning really helps take away a little of the stress. Monday’s are karate day so it’s always a simple meal. My boys love a roast so I am going to try and do these more often as they take little effort.

Monday: Frittata

Tuesday: Garlic pork

Wednesday: Roast chicken

Thursday: Fajitas

Saturday: Butternut squash and halloumi salad

Sunday: Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings

What have you got planned this week?


Sunday, 2 June 2019

[AD] Nostalgic About The Nineties

Maybe it is because it is my birthday today, reaching the grand old age of "I have stopped counting" that I have got all nostalgic about the nineties. Isn’t it strange how a song can transport you back in time? The smells, the sounds, the emotions of what was happening years ago. Sent back to exactly what you were doing for a moment in time. Infact, I can actually remember the first time that I saw the Spice Girls. Now how weird is that? 

Let me paint the picture for you. I was in my second year at Swansea University. It wasn't the best of years for me as I had to have time off due to glandular fever and my Nan passed away. We had a student rented house that was cold and pretty dingy. We brightened it up with an array of beer bottles from our nights out. One Saturday morning I distinctly remember watching kids TV on an old brown sofa under a blanket and the Spice Girls appearing. They oozed confidence (or should I say Girl Power?) I was confused as I had no idea who they were. However, I felt I should as they were coming across as people that were famous not a group who were trying to make it.

Mel C took part in some challenge where she was running around with a plate. She was wearing a tracksuit and doing jump kicks at every opportunity. Then the group formed and sang Wannab
e. Little did I know that I would soon be singing it at the student union bar. Nights where drink was too cheap and it was acceptable to serve a flaming sambuca in a plastic cup. But who cared if you got on the stage and got to sing zigazig ah!

Those were the good old days. There was no one to worry about except myself. Sleeping in until whenever I wanted. Lectures on campus followed by nights at the union. Finding who I was as a person and realising that I loved singing along to the Spice Girls.

So why am I telling you this? Well Walkers have teamed up with the Spice Girls to offer one lucky superfan]

If you missed the advert in the BGT ad break then 1. What were you doing and 2.watch it now.

So are you a superfan? You could still have a chance to win four VIP tickets s to the Spice Girls concert on Wednesday 15th June; an exclusive meet and greet with the girls, plus 5* accommodation and travel – it’s the ultimate prize for the best ever fan. Could that be you?

Post a Spice Girls related snapshot from back in the day, or to create something new and share on your social channels, tagging @Walkers_Crisps and hashtagging #BestEverFan. Check out Walkers website for the full details.

Do you love the Spice Girls enough that you would share your Walkers with them?