Iceland Day Two


Friday 22 July 2022

Iceland Day Two

Our second day in Iceland started well. Firstly, with the most gorgeous (if somewhat small) coffee and then the knowledge that my bag had finally made it to Iceland. Whoop whoop! 

We therefore decided that with the help of my husbands clothes we would make it through the day. Whilst not ideal we would do the golden circle in trainers. Our bag (with all the hiking gear) would meet us at our next hotel in Hella at the end of the day.

I was slightly concerned as it was raining in Reykjavik as we left but luckily the weather was kind and mainly dry. We decided to start our trip with the historical Thingvellir national park which was the site of the first parliament. We had a lovely walk and pictured some waterfalls before heading to try a hotdog at a gas station. It was the cheapest thing we ate in Iceland and I had all the recommended toppings. I had been concerned that lamb hot dogs would taste funny but they tasted like hot dogs so all was good.

Next up was Gullfloss. A beautiful waterfall where the power was apparent.

Then we visited Geysir where the smell of sulfur came and punched you in the face. I loved waiting for Strokkur to spout. The first time was a good one as it was 4 times.

Before heading back we also managed to fit in Kierid crater. There is a small charge for this that some seem to begrudge paying but I am glad we managed to fit it in. I mean how often do you manage to walk around the inside of a volcanic crater?

We then headed back to our next hotel. This was off the beaten track and beautiful. The only problem was that the food was too good for my youngests tastes! So we hunted around and found Valhalla restaurant. It really was an experience and the kids loved it. We all had nice meals which were served on wooden benches. Then after food whilst my eldest had a game of pool the younger two dressed up as Viking’s. 

Then it was off to bed ready to explore the south coast. Luckily with the correct clothing this time.

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