Iceland Day Three


Sunday 14 August 2022

Iceland Day Three

Our plan for day three was a trip down the south coast to Vik. We woke up to beautiful blue sky and stopped to stroke Icelandic ponies on the farm that we were staying in.

I was very pleased my bag had finally arrived as this was the day we needed walking shoes and waterproofs.On the way down to Vik we stopped off to see this little hobbit house. 

We then headed past Vik to see the Yoda Cave. But we chickened out. It was down a gravel path. Whilst we had taken out every insurance possible on the hire car, getting stuck on a gravel road was not covered and quite frankly wasn’t worth the risk for us. So we went to Vik to grab a supermarket meal deal and then see the church which features in most Icelandic tour guides.

We then headed to the black sand beach and basalt columns. We also went to look for puffins but were a couple of weeks too early.

The the afternoon was all about waterfalls.

But we got distracted and found a glacier. You can only hike on it with a trip but we were able to walk up to it. And see how far it had retreated in the last 20 years. Now that was scary.

Then back to the waterfalls. First was Skogafoss this was good as you could climb up to the top of it, as well as view it from the bottom.

Then Seljalandsfoss which you could walk behind.This was my favourite of the waterfalls we saw. Walking shoes were essential.

We then headed home for dinner at the hotel and a good nights sleep. Well until I woke myself up at midnight. 

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