Where to snorkel in Costa Adeje


Thursday 2 February 2023

Where to snorkel in Costa Adeje


On our trip to Tenerife last year, I was keen to do three things. Relax, enjoy Siam Park and do some snorkeling. I am pleased to say I did all three.There are loads of snorkeling trips you can take in Tenerife but when there is a family of five it gets quite pricey. Personally I liked the sound of the kayaking tours that took you out to see turtles but there were a few issues with this. Firstly, some operators feed the turtles bread which isn’t good for them. Secondly, the sea is really choppy, making kayaking quite hard. And last but not least, one of my boys is scared of fish swimming around him. It’s their eyes that freak him out I think.So in the end we decided to buy some cheap snorkels which are sold in all the beach side shops and just have a snorkel in the sea. I have to say I was actually really impressed and you can find loads of beautiful fish around the edges of the bays.The easiest place we found to snorkel was Playa de puerto colon. This is a calm bay where there is an inflatable park to one side for the children. As you walk into the shallow water you can see shoals of small fish around you. However, if you spend some time around the edges and around the rocks you will see an array of beautiful fish.

We also tried our nearest beach playa del bobo. Here the water was much rougher making the water less clear. However, up against the rocks at the side there were again some beautiful fish to see. You just needed to be careful not to hurt yourself on the rocks. One thing that did amaze me here was seeing a little puffa fish swimming around by himself I’m the calmer water.I could have spent hours snorkeling and looking at the beautiful fish. If we had hired a car, I would have traveled further north as I believe you are more likely to see turtles there. However, if you are off to Tenerife and fancy some snorkeling, just grab a five mask and have a look. You will be amazed at the beauty underneath the sea.Do you recommend anywhere to snorkel in Tenerife?

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