Christmas Decorations and Stocking Fillers


Saturday 14 December 2013

Christmas Decorations and Stocking Fillers

When Poundland asked me to take part in their Christmas blogging challenge, I jumped at the chance. My friend had recently made a gorgeous bauble wreath with baubles she had purchased from Poundland, so I was going to a go myself. It is so simple, I don't know why I haven't tried before. I got one of my husbands old coat wire coat hangers that he had got from taking his suit from the dry cleaners, and cut one of the sides off as I didn't want the wreath to be too big. I then used my glue gun to secure the tops of the baubles stayed on. Next I threaded the baubles onto the wire. The tricky part came when I needed to make the wreath into a circle. The wire was thick so hard to bend. If the wire is too thin it wont hold it's shape. I then attached a bow using the decorative ribbon I purchased from Poundland.

It is now sitting happily on our door and even better is that the left over baubles are on our tree as I may have gained a slightly fatter tree than I was expecting this year.

All together the baubles and ribbon came to £7. However, Poundland gave me £20 so what else did I get?

A pack of stick on moustaches for middle man's stocking. I am not sure why he has asked for these. I am guessing he must want to become James Bond and these are for important spy work.
2 Table Runners. I have a plain red table cloth and  I thought these would make it look more festive
A pack of Moshi Monsters plasters - again a stocking filler for middle man
A pack of plastic tableclothes and 20 festive paper plates for a Christmas party that I am throwing for the children
A large tube of smarties which will be the middle of a pinata cake for the party
A pack of 3 plastic Christmas plates for the boys to have their Christmas dinner on and to use at the party
A pack of Walnut whips for my friend who at the age of 37 has never tried them as she thought they were coffee flavoured!
2 bars of Milka White Chocolate and 2 boxes of Malteasers so I could make these Malteaser and Chocolate orange Christmas Puddings which I had first seen on Mummy V's Work. It was really simple. I just melted the Milka chocolate to glue on the malteasers and then as the cream. I made the holly using icing. I think it would look nicer if you had a milk chocolate chocolate orange and glued with milk chocolate, but I am happy with this as my first attempt. I am now also going to have a go at making a cake along the same lines.

Malteasers and chocolate orange christmas pudding

I am really pleased with my purchases from Poundland. £20 really does go a long way and the decorations will be used in years to come.

I was given a £20 voucher to spend at Poundland so I could take part in their blogger challenge.

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