Well Give Your Brother A Foot Shake Then!


Friday 16 October 2015

Well Give Your Brother A Foot Shake Then!

foot shake

I hate to wish time away, but the past 10 days have been tough. My husband has been away and I have been trying my best to keep sane whilst looking after three boys. I am not going to lie, I find it tough when I am on my own. Little/no adult conversation finds me wondering if I am infact acting like a child. I find myself constantly tidying and the house still looking as though Toys R Us has vomited over it. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when I served up spaghetti bolognese using macaroni pasta instead!

Mornings aren't great for me at the best of times. My blog name should give you a clue. When I have three boys to get ready for school it is even worse. Big man is able to lose his homework 2 seconds after you have handed it to him. Middle man is the same with his coat. Hell, I am the same with my keys. Mornings are a blur of hunt the missing items.

This morning I just wanted a couple of minutes piece and quiet in the shower. Like that was going to happen! Big and little man burst in. Big man holding his eye and crying. Little man screaming sorry.

To cut a long story short, little man had been jumping into the sofa and somehow managed to hit big man. Whilst I wasn't happy about the jumping on the sofa part, little man was clearly sorry (it had been shouted numerous times whilst I was trying to wrap a towel around myself) and it was an accident.

"Ok, just give your brother a kiss then." I said as big man lent in for a one.

"Me not like kisses from boys!" little man screamed.

Of course, how did I forget? I am not sure where this all came from, but little man has refused to get near any male family member for months now when it comes to kisses and cuddles. The look on my Father in laws face when he screamed "no kiss boys" was a picture. Mainly because you could see him trying to decipher little man's next sentence. Yes little man's current preferred greeting or goodbye to a male family member is that of a foot shake.

"Well give your brother a foot shake then!" I exclaimed.

To which little man held up one leg, allowed his brother to shake it and all was forgotten.

Back to the normal morning blur of hunting for homework, coats and keys.

How are your mornings?

Little Hearts, Big Love

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