PhotoadayJune Week 4


Sunday 1 July 2012

PhotoadayJune Week 4

Yey I got there. I managed to do my photo a day every day for a whole month and it was a lot harder than I thought! Of course this was not helped by me doing it twice and making baby man his own album. But here is the final weeks round up.

Day 23 Movement Big man practices his forward rolls.

Day 24 On your mind - mainly focusing on blogging and cleaning!

Day 25 Cute - Basketball playing Shrek!

Day 26 Where you shop - really can't live without the internet to do he weekly shop at the moment.

Day 27 Bathroom - Middle man gets all artistic - This is his drawing of a rainbow

Day 28 On your shelf 

Day 29 Soft - Friday we were at Legoland so this is some soft lego men.

Day 30 A friend. Big man get's artistic and draws his friend. Not sure she would agree about the spikey hair!

And now it is left for me to decide if I should go through it all again this month.....

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  1. Looks like the little guy is an artist in the making!!! Lovely blog - saw you at Emma's :) xx Denise


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