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Monday 2 July 2012

Kids TV

My sister always has a go at me about kids TV as when I was a first time mum I wouldn't allow the TV to be on in the presence of big man let alone let him watch it. However, now there are 3 the TV is on more than I would like. This post is inspired by @girlgonecostal and a tweet she wrote about how Thomas the Tank Engine never learnt and was really rather naughty.

What will beome clear from this post is that:
1. My kids watch too much TV
2. I watch too much kids TV
3. I really should worry about more important things in life.

So here are my observations of some of the favourites that our little ones watch.

In the Night Garden

I could write a PhD thesis on this programme - although someone has probably already done this. However, the most confusing thing for me is the size of the Ninky Nonk. It rushes around hooting at knee height to Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy and then the next minute they are inside it! "How can this possibly happen?" I queried out loud one day. "Magic Mummy" ah yes big man that is probably it.

Fireman Sam

A favourite of middle man's. But shouldn't Norman Price have an ASBO? Everyday he manages to use at least one of the emergency services. How a small welsh village manages to fund the 4 fire fighters, mountain rescue and an ambulance service that are required to sort out the problems this small boy creates is beyond me. Their council tax must be through the roof.

Postman Pat

Even Royal Mail can no longer cope with the incompetence of this man. He now has his own special delivery service. I have no idea how much it costs for him to deliver a parcel but I wouldn't expect it is cheap, in order for it to fund the use of his own helicopter for deliveries. Quite frankly I wouldn't trust this bumbling idiot with anything more valuable than a piece of junk mail.

Special Agent Oso

Talking of bumbling idiots..... Special Agent?? Really??? I sincerely hope that this program is in no way a reflection of the American special forces. Highly trained military units carrying out the high risk mission of tying their own shoe laces correctly.

The Octonauts

On the whole this is a pretty educational programme. It has even caused an argument between my husband and me as to whether such a creature as a blob fish exists.

However, in the unlikely event that a polar bear should find himself captaining a submarine type vessel containing a penguin, cat, otter and bunny, he would eat them. At least in Madagascar, the concept of Alex the lion wanting to eat his friends is tackled.

I could go on, but I really should move the kids away from the TV instead. I would love to say - it was better in my day - but it wasn't. I made the mistake of googling chock-a-block, button moon and the flumps. If you are tempted to do the same - don't! Just let them stay as happy childhood memories.

If you have any niggling questions about kids television, please share them here or on my facebook page. I would love to know that it isn't just me and @girlgoneoastal that over think these things!


  1. I always feel really sorry for the Little Princess. She never plays with anyone her own age, has the most awful teeth and is constantly dressed in a nightie. No wonder she has behavioural issues.

  2. Do you know what we haven't seen that one - We had a potty training book on her though and quite frankly it didn't encourage my boy to use the potty at all. x

  3. Oh I can have a real rant on this one. We live in Germany and I know several families here who do not own a TV. Admittedly there in no Cbeebies in Germany (unless you get it on satellite like us) and the German kids TV is mainly Sponge Bob and the like, so I can understand German parents not wanting their kids watching it. We probably have the TV on much more than the average German family, but I justify this for the following reasons:
    -Programmes like Squiggle It, NumberTums and The Rhyme Rocket (to name a few) really are educational, and my kids have learned alot from them.
    -After a hard day at kindergarten, kids sometimes need to wind down, and the TV is perfect for this.
    -Basically, its a hard job being a stay at home mum with toddlers, so if the TV contributes to me retaining my sanity, then this can only be a good thing!
    -Of course its the balance that makes the difference, but some days, by 8.30am, and we have already done painting, drawing, play doh, and made a cake, then its time for a TV break!

    So, now I have also proved that I watch too much kids TV! :o)

  4. Mine watched the Lingo show when we were on holiday and loved it, now that was educational! And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has definately taught middle man his shapes and numbers. Totally agree with the fact that it helps retain your sanity!

  5. Fan post! Cbeebies is always on in our house. I convince myself that it doesn't count as it is only on in the background! ;0)

  6. Loving this post Lou - going to share via FB if you don't mind x

  7. My 2 year old was having a pretend conversation on our phone the other day and hung up saying "Au Revoir" thanks to her fixation with "The Lingo Show" (or, "The Bingo Show" as she insists on calling it!)
    My husband thinks that Handy Manny is an illegal immigrant and I often wonder how come the children that watch "Something Special" haven't realised that Mr Tumble and Lord Tumble and Grandad Tumble, Aunt Polly etc etc etc are all the same person!
    Great blog BTW!

    1. Yey your two year old is learning french thanks to the TV! Don't, I suggested to my four year old that Mr tumble may be Justin Fletcher - I might as well have said that Father Christmas doesn't exist! Thanks for the lovely comments xx

  8. I once showed an episode of ITNG to a group of psychology students. 'Trippy' they called it. I think in our day we'd have used the word 'cool' about the Magic Roundabout.
    As for Fireman Sam, just spare a thought for poor old Captain Flack of the Trumpton Fire Brigade (who, incidentally, bears more than a passing resemblance to Station Officer Steele) who never had a real fire to put out.
    As far as Pat's concerned, it's union power that protects him and his like. Well known. One out, all out.
    Oso is an unknown, but the Octonauts are a real favourite here. And anything that teaches my four-year-old the concept of symbiosis is alright by me!

    1. The science teacher in me does like the Octonauts for this reason. You aren't missing out by not watching Oso x

  9. Special Agent Oso is so addictive it is banned from our house as I watch it so much I forget to feed the baby. Some excellent points though x

    1. Do you need to learn how to tie shoes laces or mend broken piggy banks then? xx


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