Pretty.Little.Things. Funky Footwear


Saturday 30 June 2012

Pretty.Little.Things. Funky Footwear

A few months ago I was tidying the house when big man was at pre school. I discovered one of his school shoes. Mmmmmnnnn the sneaky thing must have worn his trainers and I hadn't noticed - he is as devious as a teenager already I thought. Then I found his trainers. Now I was baffled. I started to panic slightly as it had been one of those days when it was a rush to get out of the house. To be honest that is any day we have pre school! Had I made my boy walk to school with only one shoe on? Was he too frightened to tell me, incase I shouted at him because we were running late? When we arrived at pre school I was somewhat relieved to see that he was wearing two shoes.Two shoes that looked pretty much alike. It turned out that he had got one of his correct shoes on and one from a pair that he had grown out of. You see the problem is when a boy reaches the age of 3, shoes just aren't that funky anymore and look pretty much the same.

So when I saw that this weeks theme on Pretty.Little.Things. was Funky Footwear - I had to put a bit more thought into the post. Luckily my boys like their wellies and they are pretty funky. Then there's the lovely little booties that my Mum made, and kept baby mans tiny toes toasty when he was a newborn, and last but not least the favourite current shoes that my boys have.

Maybe boys can have funky footwear afterall.


  1. As a coffee addict I couldn't resist dropping by! I had two girls before my son, and I did feel a bit sad at the way that boy's clothes and footwear gets fairly dull after the age of about 3. But with a few exceptions...slippers especially can often be very entertaining! Over from #MBPW

    1. I can't get them to wear slippers infact middle man would rather not wear shoes!

  2. Love the wellies! Bless him wearing one wrong shoe! Thanks for linking up x

  3. Love the wellies, they're a must in this house as grandad's farm is only a two minute walk away! Your boys most definitely DO have funky footwear! Thanks for linking up again hun xxx


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