Bringing Colouring To Life With Mardles


Tuesday 12 June 2018

Bringing Colouring To Life With Mardles

My boys enjoy crafts, but there is definitely a trend for craft sets to be focused more at girls than boys. This is why I was keen to review the Mardles dicovAR range. For a start, the space theme appeals to my boys and secondly, by downloading the app you can bring the artwork to life. This particularly appealed to my 10 year wold who would probably not have been at all interested if we had just been sent a standard colouring book.

Mardles discovAR

We were sent the galatic quest coloring book which retails at £7.99. I was at first a bit disappointed that the designs were repeated, but this actually makes it really helpful if you have more than one child as there is no need to argue over which design to choose.

using mardles app

Once the sheets have been coloured, you can download the Mardles discovAR app and then bring your creation to life. Just scan the picture as directed in the app and your space shuttle will start to orbit! You can also put it into a VR mode and it will fly through space. (If you have been to Legoland recently, it is a bit like their Lego Reef  but using your colouring in.)

bringing colouring to life

It is pretty cool and a good way of getting older children to do something crafty.

We were also sent some Mardles Top Speed stickers. My boys were less interested in these, probably because they were more interested in their drawings. They do the same thing, in that you point your ipad at them and then they come to life. You can fly a plane around the room. I actually think that they would prefer some of the cute animals as stickers. However, if you have a slightly younger child, they may be more interested in these.

Mardles stickers

Overall, I am impressed by the sets that Mardles sent us to review. Personally, we preferred the coloring books as my boys  enjoyed seeing their own designs coming to life. It is certainly something I would consider buying for a child who enjoys crafts.

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