Meal Planning Monday


Monday 11 June 2018

Meal Planning Monday

This week saw us have a BBQ on Saturday with friends. So yes we are the reason it rained at 6 o'clock! My rather clever friend made me a unicorn cake which I was over the moon with. She hadn't even realised that I am obsessed with unicorns! Obviously she doesn't follow me on Pinterest!

This week, I have two problems. One: I am totally fed up with cooking. Two: My husband is in Denmark for a couple of nights so I really can't get out of cooking! Monday see's us being together for 20 years. I am not sure which one of us deserves a medal the most. Either way we are celebrating with steak and chips, and I know my elder two will be happy with this choice.

Monday: Steak and chips

Tuesday: Lasagne

Wednesday: Pizza and beans

Thursday: Fajitas

Friday: Garlic pork.

Saturday: Big man is at a party so something out of the freezer for the rest of us I think.

Sunday: We are planning on going to Chessington for the morning, so picnic lunch and probably pasta for tea.

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