Mini Ninja Sushi School With Yo! Sushi


Wednesday 9 August 2017

Mini Ninja Sushi School With Yo! Sushi

If you are fed up of thinking of things to keep the kids entertained this summer in the pouring rain, then Yo Sushi Mini Ninja Sushi School might be the thing.

Ready for mini ninja sushi school

I am going to hold my hands up at this point and admit that this review was a bit of a risk for me. My children haven't really had sushi before. They tried a bit out of a Sainsbury's snack box once but weren't that impressed. I have never eaten at Yo Sushi myself. I had absolutely no idea if taking them on a sushi making lesson would be good fun, or a big mistake.

I like to try new things with the boys and all of them like cooking. I struggle with this at home as trying to cook with 3 children is hard work. I reassured them that if they didn't like it, I would step in and eat it for them (I'm kind like that!)

making cucumber maki

The mini ninja sushi schools are running on Tuesday and Wednesdays at a number of Yo! Sushi venues. It costs £15 a child and they make 3 dishes, which they get to take home (if they haven't gobbled whilst making them) along with a bag, certificate, recipes and rolling mat.

Everything was well prepared and explained well. They even told you how to make it if you were left or right handed. Rolling was the tricky part and the staff were ready to help.

Mini ninjas require large amounts of concentration! 

The boys started off with cucumber maki. Now I think this looks pretty professional!

cucumber maki

Next up was california sunshine rolls. Middle man would have found this easier to roll if he hadn't been scoffing the cucumber maki he had made!

The last dish they made was salmon nigiri. Once finished the food was packaged up to take home. The class was 45 minutes and there was a wide age range from teenagers down to 5.

Whilst my 5 year old wasn't convinced by all the dishes, my 7 and 9 year old gobbled it down. It certainly goes to show that children will try and eat more if they make their own food! They all really enjoyed the class and middle man is already asking to do another one! He also wants to go back and eat there as he loved the conveyor belt of food going round.

If you are looking for something different to do with the children this summer then mini ninja sushi school is fun and feeds them too!

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