The New Kids Menu At Frankie & Benny's


Friday 11 August 2017

The New Kids Menu At Frankie & Benny's

Last night, we headed to our local Frankie & Benny's to try out their new kids menu. It has been a while since we last ate at Frankie & Benny's and what struck me most was the wide choice on both the kids and adults menu. The children's menu is broken down into smaller and bigger. This is a great idea as my 9 year old often finds that children's meals are on the small side at some chain restaurants. Our meal was complimentary in return for this review, however, if you sign up to the F&B rewards there are lots of offers including kids eat for £1!

Frankie and bennys kids menu

All my boys opted for the bigger menu. The waiter asked if little man wanted the smaller menu but he was adamant he didn't. I guess at nearing 6 he is on the cusp of swapping to the larger meal. The bigger kids meal, consists of a main plus 2 sides, dessert and drink. I was pleased when these were bought out in plastic cups, as they may be big, but they are also clumsy!

Big and middle man both opted for bacon mac and cheese. There is also a choice of two sides. My suggestion of garlic bread was pushed aside for their preferred choice of chips! As you can see the portions were big and I'm pleased to say the sauce was nice and cheesy. There is nothing worse than a mac and cheese tasting bland. No worries of that here.

children's mac and cheese Frankie and Bennys

Little man opted for spaghetti and meatballs (mainly as he liked the picture on the menu I think!) Whilst the meatballs were too peppery for his liking but he gobbled down most of his plate of spaghetti.

kids meatballs frankie and benny's

I was shocked that the boys managed to eat as much as they did. Would they eat dessert? Of course they would! Big man had spied the chocolate fudge sundae when he ordered his main. After confirmation from the waiter that it was a good choice, all three of the boys decided they would give it a go. Their faces lit up at their arrival!

 chocolate fudge sundae frankie and bennys

My husband and I both enjoyed our meals, and again the portion size was large. So large infact we were beaten with the sharing dessert we ordered. This is probably good as I think it may have contained a months worth of sugar!

I felt that the kids menu was good value and liked that you could choose the size of the meal. If you like Italian food with an American twist then Frankie and Benny's fits the bill. To find your nearest Frankie & Benny's click here.

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