Homemade Jaffa Cake Bites


Sunday 28 August 2016

Homemade Jaffa Cake Bites

jaffa cake bites

The GBBO is back and week one saw me making these mini jaffa cake bites. As I usually stick to buying Jaffa cakes from McVites, I decided I would stick to this Mary Berry Recipe to make them. However, as I decided I was going to use my mini muffin pan, it made 24 jaffa cake bites rather than 12 jaffa cakes.

To make the sponge bottoms you will need:

1 egg
1oz caster sugar
1oz self raising flour

For the jelly:

1 packet of orange jelly
150ml water
zest of 1 orange

I used plain chocolate cake covering to top my jaffa cake bites.

I started by dissovling the jelly in the boiling water, adding the zest and allowing to cool in a large dish.

I then made the sponge bases.

Here I pre heated the oven to 180C and greased my mini muffin pan with butter.

I then whisked the egg and sugar for 3-4mins before folding in the flour. I separated the mixture between the 24 holes and baked for around 10 minutes.

Once cooled topped my sponges with the jelly.

making jaffa cakes

I used a fish slice to get the jelly out of the dish and then used a piping nozzle to cut a round disc. Once placed on the sponge I added melted plain chocolate on top.

I was pleased with the result but they are a little time consuming to make.

half eaten jaffa cake

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homemade jaffa cake bites

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