Genius Gluten Free Brunch


Tuesday 30 August 2016

Genius Gluten Free Brunch

Looking for a genius gluten free brunch idea? Well thanks to Genius gluten-free products then I have one for you. Whilst my family don't need to eat gluten-free, we know friends that do. When I have tried gluten-free products before, they have been ok, but not something I would eat myself. If I was catering for someone that was gluten free I would buy them one thing and us another. I was therefore really impressed with the Genius products I was sent as they tasted great.

Genius Gluten Free Products

We tried the pancakes first with some fresh fruits from the PYO farm. The pancakes are gluten, wheat and milk free. I made a strawberry sauce by mashing some strawberries with caster sugar and balsamic vinegar. The sauce sunk into the pancakes and they tasted delicious. They would make a fantastic breakfast or dessert.

I decided to use the crumpets for a weekend brunch. I popped them in the toaster and spread a thick layer of butter on top. I then added some turkey bacon, avocado, vine tomatoes and olives. Easy to prepare and a tasty brunch.

gluten free brunch

Our hamper also contained some blueberry muffins. Again they tasted like regular blueberry muffins. The boys also enjoyed the fruit loaf toasted for breakfast.

Genius was founded by the professional chef Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne. Having a son that is gluten intolerant, she wanted to develop a good quality product for him. Genius has three simple rules when it adds a new product to it's expanding range. It needs to taste great, has to be the best quality and has to be gluten-free. Whilst I am no expert in gluten-free cooking I can tell you that these products taste really good and if I have a gluten-free friend over I will be buying Genius products for us to eat. You can find more out about Genius and some delicious recipes here.

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