Lapland UK: Your Questions Answered

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Lapland UK: Your Questions Answered

lapland Uk decorating gingerbread

The most "Googled" posts on my blog since September have been about Lapland UK. I'm not really surprised, as when I was looking to go for the first time 2 years ago there were hardly any reviews on the internet. Everyone is looking for a magical Christmas experience, but we have all heard about the bad ones. With prices starting at £45 a ticket, people want to know all about Lapland UK before parting with their hard earned cash. I have gone through my keyword searches and picked out some of the most asked search terms in a hope to answer some of your questions.

Is Lapland UK any good? How good is Lapland UK? Lapland UK or not?

In my opinion it is fantastic. I have been in 2013, 2014 and we are going again this year. It is a theatrical production taking you through the elves toy factory and gingerbread with Mother Christmas. You then have some free time to go ice skating before making your visit to Father Christmas. People can and do pick fault in it. Yes the snow isn't real (it's magical snow!) Yes the toy factory isn't that busy. It is a production. Maybe as adults our perception is sometimes too high. Lapland UK is a theatrical production aimed at children and I think it is an extremely good one.

Lapland UK Toy Factory

Best time to go to Lapland UK? Lapland UK Morning or Evening?

In my opinion this depends on the age our your children. Younger ones are better going early and older ones can go later. It looks magical in day and night. Photographs are much easier to take in the light though. In 2013 we went at 9am and 2014 we went at 4pm. This year we are going at 3.30pm. When it comes to age, I think the best age is between 3 and 6. Younger children will not find it easy to take part in the activities or remember it.

Lapland UK in the day

Lapland UK at night

Do I need Elf Jingles Lapland UK?

Elf jingles are the currency in Lapland UK. You can pre buy them to create "extra magic." Do you need them? I don't think so, it is totally up to you. I just took my credit card. They don't take sterling cash at Lapland UK. I guess it is your call on whether you want to purchase Elf Jingles or not, but after paying so much to get in and for food and a photo, I didn't feel the need for my boys to buy any more toys. If I had given them money to spend in the shop then I would probably have purchased Elf Jingles for them to pay with. We have been twice without Elf Jingles and the boys didn't even notice.

Lapland UK worth the money? Cost of Lapland UK?

This is such a personal question. For me, there is only a small window of time that Christmas is magical, that I wanted to make the most of it. We have been to a number of Santa experiences and this has been head and shoulders above the rest. We have the added advantage of living close by so there are no travel costs or hotel fees on top. When we purchased our tickets last year we also took out the cancellation insurance as my boys are always ill around Christmas. You also need to factor in the cost of extras. There is quite a long wait after your tour before you see Father Christmas. We have had food there on both occasions and depending on the time you visit, you would at least want to buy a drink and snack. You are likely to want to buy a photograph with Father Christmas too - this was £15 last year.

Lapland UK Staff Reviews

Only one person has Googled this and I am not sure what they were looking for. I can tell you that all the staff that we met at Lapland UK were extremely helpful. I was also very interested when Father Christmas himself commented on my blog post and added some really insightful information that I thought would be good to share again. He pointed out that you can't go and see Father Christmas early. The reason for this, is that if you have booked and the weather is dreadful, you still have to wait your turn. Although you wouldn't be affected by the weather in the Toy factory or kitchen, you would when it comes to the ice skating. As it is set in a wood, it can get very muddy as well. Little man fell over in the car park last year and was covered in mud. Father Christmas also asked that parents don't take photos when he is talking to your child. This is because it is extremely hard for him spark up a relationship when the flash is constantly going. You are asked not to take any photos in Father Christmas' hut, but I guess as always people ignore this.

father Christmas at Lapland UK

So I hope that if you have Googled and ended up here, that this post has been useful. (Don't forget to check out my previous reviews.) We will be adding a review as guests of Lapland UK this year too. If you have any other questions, feel free to add them in the comments and I will try and answer them. Please remember that these are my opinions only, and not those of Lapland UK.

Full details of booking can be found on the Lapland UK website.

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