Lapland UK Review


Sunday 1 December 2013

Lapland UK Review

This review is for 2013. To see my Lapland UK 2015 review click here. 

I need to start this post by saying that I paid to go to Lapland UK out of my hard earned cash.It was around £60 per person and goes up in price nearer the big day. This is important as it is very expensive and when I was looking to go, I couldn't find any reviews where people had forked out the money themselves. In-fact I couldn't find that many reviews. The best way to describe Lapland UK is that it is a walk through theatrical production involving Father Christmas, which this year is taking place in Bracknell, Berkshire. It is an experience that lasts about 3 1/2 hours.

lapland uk woodland

By signing up to their e mail list, you get priority booking, meaning that you can buy the tickets a week before they go on sale to people that haven't signed up. The nearer you get to Christmas the more expensive the tickets become. Due to the cost we opted for the 9am slot on 1st December. Luckily we live nearby so this was easily done. A couple of weeks before we received our tickets and invites for the children, explaining Father Christmas needed their help.

Parking was free and you are encouraged to get there 15-30 minutes before your tour departs. On check in the children are given coloured wrist bands, which tells you whether you are in the Husky or Reindeer tour. They are both the same, you just go in different directions.

Two elves greet you and show you to the first woodland elf area where the children are given their own elf passports. Here an elf explains a bit about what is happening and the magic door is opened before you head off with your reindeer hearders to the elf workshop.

helping elves make toys lapland uk

Once in the elf workshop the children help the elves make wooden puppets and bears. They then get their elf passports stamped before heading off to see Mother Christmas. Here they are told stories and get to decorate gingerbread men.mas,

mrs christmas' kitchen at Lapland UK

You then have 90 minutes to fill before meeting Father Christmas. Here you can go ice skating. There are adjustable skates for small children and lots of penguins. As there are lots of people needing penguins you might need to wait for these. There are a number of husky dogs around for you to stroke and some large costumed reindeer. I was worried that big man might ask questions over these but he just loves to cuddle large costumed characters. We then headed for some lunch. The children's meals are big and we bought three and shared them between the five of us. One thing to note is that you need to pay by elf jingles or by credit or debit card (not sterling.) There is a big shop selling a variety of Christmas themed decorations and toys. Some inexpensive some not.

ice skating lapland uk

You then go for a short walk through the forest to a waiting area. Here an adult checks in and you wait for an elf to write your family name on the blackboard. You then go through to another area where an elf comes to take you to see Santa. Skipping of course!

Inside Santas grotto, Santa talks to the children and gives them a toy husky. Only official photos are allowed in here which you can then purchase. The cheapest was £10 for a photo and then various packages you could opt for.

On the way out you see some reindeer, a costumed Husky (which big man referred to as real!?!) and Father Christmas' sledge.

Father Christmas at lapland UK

So my question in the past which I wanted to know the answer to is, is it worth it? Well living nearby and having children who still believe and a Mummy that wants too, I don't think you can put a price on memories like that. I for one am happy that we went, and on Christmas Day, Father Christmas will even leave a thank you note.

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