Tree Fu Tom Live


Friday 6 February 2015

Tree Fu Tom Live

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My boys have always enjoyed Tree Fu Tom and will be excited to learn that Tom and his friends are going on tour this year. It is Tree Fu Tom's first ever nationwide "live" tour with dates ranging from April to November.

The show is aimed at children aged 4-8 and is set in an enchanted world where movement creates magic,

Follow Tom, Twigs and friends on an action packed adventure through the magical world of Treetopolis! After finding a dusty old treasure map, Tom decides to follow it and see where it leads - but it’s not an easy route! Tom and his friends must travel through wild weather and stop the mischievous Mushas who are making trouble. Will Tom save the day? Will he find the treasure? What will the treasure be? Come along and find out!

Tree Fu Tom Live is full of fun, music and laughter and Tom will certainly need your help to do the Tree Fu moves that could help save the day.

Be part of the Magic!

I am taking middle and little man to review the show in June so we will be able to update you on the show then.I am intrigued as to how they will transform the cartoon into a live show. In the meantime, if you have a Tree Fu Tom fan, take a look at the tour dates here and hopefully there will be a show near you soon.

tree fu tom and twig

Do you have a Tree Fu Tom fan that would like this?

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