The Science Museum Energy Show


Tuesday 6 August 2013

The Science Museum Energy Show

This weekend we had planned a family trip to the Science Museum. I had not planned that there would be a cycle ride in London meaning most of the roads on route would be shut! We didn't fancy an hours train ride plus tube with the smaller ones, so I decided to have a day out with big man by myself. He was very excited about going to see some "real science with fire and everything."

We had booked to see the 11.30 Energy Show. Photos were not allowed, but here is a clip to give you an idea of what the show was like. Although watching it doesn't do the explosions justice. They were pretty big and we could feel the heat of them sitting 2 rows back.

It was a 70 minute show packed full of experiments, jokes and mentions of star wars. Although big man might be a bit small to understand all the science in the show, he enjoyed the experiments and found it funny. He especially liked the computer generated i-nstein  Personally, I sat there thinking how good it would be to have shown my key stage 3 students when I was teaching. I loved Phil's 1 minute interpretation of types of energy.

The show uses experiments to demonstrate energy changes. For the finale I was expecting them to repeat the bangs we had already seen, but instead there were even more fun experiments with bottle rockets and an Ewok fired into the audience. We both enjoyed the show and I would recommend using it as a focal point to a trip there this summer.

There is so much to do at the museum, we didn't have time to do it all. After lunch we stopped off at a pop up workshop where big man made a pop up card of an apple computer. They were also running a workshop where you could make 3D glasses and follow a 3D trail. We then visited the space section and the hands on science sections which big man and all the other children there were enjoying.

At 3.30 we headed to The Bubble Show. This is a 20 minute show that is free of charge and aimed at 3-6 year olds. It was really good, with a lot of science which was accessible to the younger audience. The only problem with it, is that I now have an urge to recreate this at home. I may well be spending the rest of the summer holidays trying to get my boys inside a giant bubble!

We had a fantastic day, and when I asked big man the best part, he most definitely thought it was the energy show. He is now keen to take his brother's there and show them the museum too.

We were given tickets to the Enegry show in order for us to write this review, but the opinions contained here are my own.


  1. that all looks so cool. :)) my kids would love this!

    1. We had a great time and was nice to have some one on one time too x

  2. Looks like great fun! I wouldn't mind living in a bubble ;) x

  3. wow i am loving this pace Louise i need to go!

  4. ooh, good to read about this cos we are gonna go in a couple of weeks! looking forward to it!

  5. This sounds brilliant! Definitely a must-see. Wish we didn't live so far now as I would definitely take Grace. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x


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