My boys are Set4Sport


Monday 5 August 2013

My boys are Set4Sport

Last week the boys and I took a trip to Kingston to meet Judy Murray and the Set4Sport team. I had seen the TV documentary on Andy Murray after he had won Wimbledon and remember seeing Judy doing some games with small children. I wasn't paying enough attention and assumed that it was some type of class that you pay to take your children to, but this is not the case.

Chatting to Judy, she told us how concerned she is about the growing number of obese children in Britain and general poor co ordination skills. The Set4Sport program is designed to be accessible to everyone. Judy told us about the games that Andy and Jamie would play at home. With the Scottish weather being a bit cold and wet, they often spent time indoors, making up their own games, with everyday objects. These games can be found in on the Set4Sport website, and there is also a free app available to download for apple and android.

My boys got to have a go at these games and really enjoyed them. When each target is reached you can make them harder. For example the river that middle man is jumping over below can be made wider.

Having a chat with Judy really got me thinking. She talked about the culture we have at the moment where we sign our children up to loads of classes, but as parents we often don't watch the child participate let alone join in ourselves. She talked about how small children would actually prefer to play with their parents. She is right, and middle man even proved this at the event. Judy came along ready to play a balloon game with him. I got my camera at the ready to take a perfect picture. He refused to play with her and said he wanted to play with me.

Since coming back we have had a go at practicing some of the games ourselves. We used some stacking cups as skittles and then as targets to throw balls in.

Judy's games are there to help parents with ideas for inexpensive games you can play with your children. Most of the games can be carried out using everyday objects around your house. They aren't aimed at making the next Andy Murray, but to get parents and children enjoying physical activity together. I will certainly be making an effort to play more with my children in a hope that they have better coordination skills than myself!

We attended the Set4Sport event so that we were able to write about it and let you know about the scheme.


  1. Really great post and amazing to meet Judy Murray -she's really inspirational!

    1. She is a lovely lady and was so interesting speaking with her x

  2. Louise this sounds like a fab day! I am going to check out the website as i need more inspiration!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  3. Looking forward to checking out the site. We've not been too active as my youngest has a broken leg, but that means eldest is missing out a bit. Be great to have some things for him to do indoors :-) #magicmoments

  4. Going to download the app :) totally agree that parents should be more involved x

  5. This looks great. Today we have been at a Victorian village and played loads of games with the kids. They love that we joined in with them. Clearly back then things were rather more inclusive than they are nowadays!

  6. What a great idea. An inspiring woman - helping families to help themselves. Good to see this "play" spin on sport rather than just a focus on being competitive.

  7. What a great scheme and proves you can have fun and be active with something as simple as a balloon and some stacking cups!


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