Gravity Cakes! Review And Giveaway

Monday, 1 May 2017

Gravity Cakes! Review And Giveaway

Regular readers of my blog will know that I loved making anti gravity cakes. One of my most viewed posts is my easy chocolate pouring cake tutorial, and my Prosecco anti gravity cake is catching up fast! The reason I like making anti gravity cakes is that whilst looking impressive they are actually relatively simple to make.

gravitycakes! recipe book

So you would think that I know all to know about gravity cakes and wouldn't need a book on it. Well I am pleased to say that Gravity Cakes! is full of ideas and inspiration that even someone who knows how to make these cakes will benefit from it.

The book starts with the basics of baking a cake, leveling it and then covering it with a crumb coating followed by fondant. I have always used cake pop sticks in my cakes but they suggest hollow balloon sticks with wires. I can see that this would be much more stable in a larger structure and will give this a go in future bakes.

They start off with the simple chocolate anti gravity cakes and pick n mix style ones and then move into harder and more impressive ones. For example cornflakes in a bowl of milk, a waffle being poured with sauce and a deep dish pizza.

deep dish pizza cake

Some of the ideas are really clever and the hints and tips that you pick up can be used to personalise your own bakes. The use of clear mints to act as ice cubes in a cola cake is just fantastic.

For someone who loves baking celebration cakes, this is a great book for inspiration. A beginner will be able to see that gravity cakes are actually easier to make than they look.

You can purchase Gravity Cakes! from Amazon (affiliate link)

I am excited to be able to offer two of my readers the chance to win a copy for themselves. Just complete the Gleam entry below. Good Luck!

Gravity Cakes! If you love anti gravity cakes as much as I do, why not follow my Pinterest board which I often update with ideas.


Kerry Taylor said...

The Dairy Milk one looks perfect for my birthday.. :-D

Notmyyearoff said...

Oh wow these look so good. I'd love to just have someone make all these for me :)

sally angel24 said...

I would love to make one for my little boys birthday in July that involves superheroes or dinosaurs! :)

Emma Umm Saffiyah said...

Always fail with this. Would love to win x

Emma Umm Saffiyah said...

Always fail with this. Would love to win x

Kay leigh said...

I normally make a chocolate fudge cake and put chocolate fingers around the edge and malteasers on top

Kay Sherman

Penny said...

I just made one with magic stars, would love to get some more inspiration from this book.

Whitman Whitman said...

Wow these look great

Rachael Ashmore said...

I love the look of the dairy milk cake looks yummy 😃

Kirsty Hosty said...

Wow these look fabulous I love the look of them all!

aimee leedham said...

Good luck everyone :) they look yum!