A Strong Coffee: About me

About me

I'm Louise, a mum of three boys. Life is a bit of a blur but also lots of fun. My big man is 8. He is a sensitive little soul who doesn't stop talking and laughs at his own jokes. My middle man is 5, loves food and is an actor in the making. He has the most stunning blue eyes, which help him get away with most of his mischief! Little man is my happy chappy, and is now 4. Then of course there's my husband who keeps me sane....well most of the time. A lot of people ask me how I cope with three young boys. The answer - A Strong Coffee.

This is my space to tell tales of my life which often involve making cake!

I am happy for you to contact me by email: astrongcoffee@hotmail.com My blog currently receives 28K monthly pageviews from 18.4K unique users. I have over 6K twitter followers and 1K on instagram. My DA is currently 31 and PA 42. I have a Trust Flow of 14 and a Citation Flow of  31. As a family we love to review days out and some of my most searched posts include Lapland UK and Butlin's.

I also like to develop recipes and have worked with many companies including Wayfair, Co-op and Oreo.

We live in the South East in travelling distance from London.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Catherine Devonport said...

Hi good to read about you. I have just started going through a few blogs and found your page very interesting. Done a competition and looked through some delicious recipes. Not quite sure how it all works yet, im blaming my age my grandchildren despair of me haha x

Louise Fairweather said...

Thanks Catherine, hope you keep enjoying it!