Wool Snowball Tutorial

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Wool Snowball Tutorial

wool snowball tutorial

Christmas is on it's way and to help us get festive, we like to make some homemade decorations. Bostik have sent us a lovely box of goodies to get us crafting this Christmas and when I saw their PVA white glu, wool snowballs came straight into my head.  Making wool snowballs is really simple and is easy enough for children to do too. Beware though it can get messy! It is also a great idea to have a plastic cup to sit the snowballs on to dry. We have also adapted this craft to make baubles for the Christmas tree as well. Here you can chose any coloured wool and just need a piece of ribbon attached to hand them from the tree. 

What crafts are you planning on doing with the children this Christmas?

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