Chicken Rogan Josh and Pilau Rice: Eat Happy Project

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Chicken Rogan Josh and Pilau Rice: Eat Happy Project

Chicken Rogan Josh and pilau Rice

Friday night I had dinner cooked for me! I am not sure if it was because I didn't have to cook it, but it tasted fantastic. Middle and little man cooked me the Chicken Rogan Josh from the Tesco Eat Happy Project. You can see a step by step instructional video below. It contains handy hints such as how to cut a pepper and even I learnt that you could peel ginger with a teaspoon. You can also find skills videos to help children learn how to fry and you can even print off a delicious food certificate.

You can find the recipe card here,and I found it was helpful for me to have this whilst the boys watched the step by step video. I was particularly impressed with little man learning new skills. Middle man found cutting difficult as he is left handed. However, he got there with a bit of help.

grating ginger

I had never made pilau rice myself so it was great to see how this is done. Little man learnt how to hold a saucepan and stir safely.

cooking pilau rice

It was lovely to get the boys involved in cooking food and the curry had lots of flavour without being too hot. Middle man wouldn't usually try this dish but as he helped make it he was keen to. There are lots of other recipes on the Eat Happy Project website and I will definitely be trying some more out with the boys.

eating curry

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