Meal Planning Monday

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Meal Planning Monday

Well what a week it has been. Chatting to my sister last night, she asked if I would be meal planning. My answer? It will have to wait until my Tesco order comes as I have no idea what will turn up.

Thankfully the majority of our shop came. It was also filled with keto products such as Greek yoghurt and eggs so I can carry on a bit longer. Last week was a big achievement for me as I have finally got into the healthy range BMI. I need to carry on a bit more but I feel I can now start experimenting more (especially with more time time at home) with some keto bakes. Keto brownies will be my starting point.

So I will list the main meals for this week and the order will depend on the date the food runs out. I also have to hope that the kids don’t raid the kitchen whilst I am at work!

KFC style zinger burgers. It is Mother’s Day and I’m not cooking. My son made these in Food tech a little while ago and they were delicious. So it was top of my list for a Mother’s Day meal. Who needs a fancy restaurant when you have a 12 year old son!?!

Fish Pie with vegetables. I may even have a go at trying to mash some celariac or cauliflower for me.

Coq au vin. This is basically using up the veg that I had bought to make beef bourguignon a week ago.

Spaghetti bolognese. Whilst we still have some pasta, this is a nice and easy meal to make.

Roast Chicken and veg. If there is any leftover then the chicken can be used in sandwiches or a salad. This may be wishful thinking though as it is much smaller than the one I ordered.

Chicken Kiev and chips. I will have Celeriac fries.

What have you got planned? Are you able to get the food you need? Stay inside and stay safe xx



  1. so glad your shop turned up ok and your meals sound great

  2. Ahh! I'm glad most of your shopping arrived. I got a delivery on Friday and was quite surprised with it, in a good way.
    Well done with getting into a healthy BMI range. Good luck with the brownies.
    Great meal plan. The burgers for mothers day sound so good. Well done your boy! x

  3. We've fine for this week, and next, as I made a meal plan from what we always have on hand, then I hope to get Hello Fresh meals for a little while after that, as I like the convenience, and hope that removes some of the need to go to the supermarket quite so much.

    Hope you're keeping safe x

  4. I'm still heading to the shops once every couple of weeks - so far so good, so let's hope that continues. Well done on getting into the healthy BMI range and good luck with the brownies. The KFC Zinger things sound great - how cool to have your kids making dinner for you ! :)