Molkky: Wooden Outdoor Skittles Review


Monday 7 May 2018

Molkky: Wooden Outdoor Skittles Review

Molkky is a skittles based game from Finland that is perfect family fun from ages 6+.

Molkky: Wooden Outdoor Skittles Review

We were recently sent a set to review from Tesco and have been waiting for some nice weather to get outside and play. We started by setting it up on the grass. As you can see, it was hard to balance the skittles and throwing uphill was hard too.

setting up Molkky skittles

However, as it was on a slope we decided that it was better to set up on the flatter patio as it was easier to knock the skittles down there. The skittles are set up in a tight formation, as in the picture above, and a throwing line that’s 3-4m from the skittles is agreed. The Molkky throwing skittle is then thrown underhand and the numbers on the knocked down skittles are counted. It may be that we need to practise more, but hitting the skittles is harder than it looks. Big man missed three times in a row, meaning he was left to score.

Playing Molkky skittles

The whole idea of the game is to get to a score of 50. However, there is a twist. if you go over 50, then your score goes down to 25. You must get to 50 exactly. We were wondering if this was going to take forever. my husband was going over 50 on every round. Little man had also got over 50 and then had his score set at 25. Then he took his turn. What numbers did he have? Only 11, 4 and 10!

The game retails at £20 from Tesco and is a good addition To our selection of garden games this summer. I would recommend that you set it up on a flat piece of ground. The age guidance is 6+ and I think this is about right with the adding required and the fact that your score gets reset. I also like that the game is environmentally friendly, using wood that has been logged from sustainably managed forests.

What games do you like playing with your family, outside in the summer?

Molkky: Wooden Outdoor Skittles Review

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This is a sponsored review but all opinions are my own.

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