The Hinds Head, Bray, Lunch Menu


Tuesday 20 March 2018

The Hinds Head, Bray, Lunch Menu

After a weekend at Center Parcs and a feed the big cats experience, the last part of my husband's 40th Birthday present was lunch at The Hinds Head in Bray. We have visited a couple of times before (including a Sunday when the boys were young) and have never been disappointed. The Hinds Head is owned by Heston Blumenthal and offers really good food, but not as theatrical as that at The Fat Duck.

The Hinds Head Bray

It has one Michelin star which I am pretty sure it didn't have when we last went. It also seemed a little more pricey, except for the lunch menu. Now that was amazing value at £25 for 3 courses. There is a catch though. It is a set menu and there is only one choice. To be honest, when I go somewhere like this, I actually like not having a choice. It means I would eat things that I would never have picked off the menu myself and have never been disappointed.

Both my husband and I opted for the three course set menu and also added on a Scotch egg as well.
If you go to The Hinds Head, then I would highly recommend ordered the Scotch egg. They are warm with a runny yolk and a world away from anything you would buy in the supermarket.

Our starter was Cod Brandade. I can say that I wouldn't have ordered this off the menu out of choice but it was delicious as well as beautifully presented.

cod starter - the hinds head

For our main course we had chicken ham and leek pie. It is certainly the best pie I have ever eaten. Flavours were intense and although I would have happily eaten more, the size was just right.

chicken and ham pie at the hinds head

Finally we ended our meal with a sweet treacle sponge.

treacle sponge

When The Hinds Head had confirmed the booking, they asked if it was a special occasion, so they bought out some chocolates and a candle for my husband.

If you are looking for a Michelen starred lunch, with good hearty food rather than complicated, all at a good price, then The Hinds Head lunch menu (Mon-Fri) is certainly worth a try.

Where have you been to have great food recently?

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