Thorpe Park For Young Children


Monday 6 October 2014

Thorpe Park For Young Children

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I would never have thought of taking my boys to Thorpe Park, if my friends hadn't visited and told me it was good for young children (mine are aged 2, 4 and 6.)  In my mind it is where the local teenagers go to seek the thrill rides. However, I was lucky enough to win tickets to the park through Actually Mummy's Blog and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. To be honest I was actually going to turn down the opportunity as life is stressful at the moment and I wasn't sure we would have the time. I am so pleased though that we made time for this day out. We picked Saturday to go. You could argue that it was an awful day to go as the weather was very unkind. However, you could also argue that it was a great day to go as the park was reasonably quiet.

My boys are heights are approximately 1.1m, 1m and 90cm. This meant there were rides that they could all go on. Obviously the taller you are the more you can ride. Children under a metre enter the park for free, so this does reflect that there is less that they can go on.


We headed straight over to Angry Birds 4D and the boys weren't disappointed. You are catapulted (quite literally) into the world of Angry Birds and the naughty egg stealing pigs. Middle man was in his element, and apologies to anyone who was there having to put up with his excited commentary throughout the film.

We then walked straight on rides such as the caurosel, banana boat, rumba rapids, rocky express and loggers leap. Queue times on the rollercoasters weren't excessive either. On the basis that I love coasters, I had to have a go on one. The easiest to do was Nemesis. It is right by Angry Birds land, the carousel and the banana boat. My husband went on first whilst I entertained the kids. Thing to note here is, if you want to do parent swap then go to guest services at the start and get a card that will then be signed. The second adult can then go up the fastpass entrance. We didn't realise this but as the queue was only 15 minutes it wasn't an issue.

Big man then had a go at the angry birds dodgems and now thinks he has good driving skills. Well they are probably better than his Mummy's!

I then took the younger two back on the rapids whilst Daddy and big man did the Depth Charge and Storm Surge.


We had a lovely family day out even if it did take us a few hours to dry out! We didn't manage to go on all the rides that the boys could go on but we did a fair few. Whilst I wouldn't recommend it to a family whose children are less than a metre, if you live nearby and have children over a metre then it is worth looking into (and definitely worth a trip if you have a merlin pass.) I loved that I got to ride a rollercoaster and feel grown up for a change, and I enjoyed seeing the boys enjoy the smaller rides.

I was not asked by anyone to write about this day out. I just think that if you are local to Thorpe Park and hold a Merlin Pass then it is worth knowing that you can have a great day there with smaller children. Apologies for the lack of photos in this post, but it was raining a lot so i kept my phone hidden in my pocket!

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