5 Reasons to Embark On A Road Trip This Summer


Wednesday 18 June 2014

5 Reasons to Embark On A Road Trip This Summer

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Everyone likes a summer holiday, but some tend to linger in the memory more than others. Rather than booking a week or two in a resort, why not take a road trip this year? The sense of freedom they afford means you’re more likely to remember it fondly in years to come than a simple package deal. Of course, make sure you are adequately insured, particularly if you are going overseas, and that the car is in good condition for a long journey and the tyres are not worn out. You can get your car and tyres checked by an auto center and if you would need to get your car tyres replaced, you can buy tyres online from Point S dealer, be safe and avoid any mishap while road tripping

Pick And Choose Your Accommodation
If you head to a particular destination and arrive by the middle of the day, then there is plenty of time to tour around and find the best places to stay. Seaside resorts are a good example, where you could easily book into a hotel in advance when taking a conventional holiday only to find that there is a better deal on offer elsewhere, on arrival. Road trips allow you to find the best places to stay without committing beforehand.

The Open Road

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There is something about driving when you are on holiday that is altogether more pleasant than when you are not. Often, motoring around busy streets when you need to get from A to B can be frustrating – especially on the UK road network. Nonetheless, if you travel after the rush hour and avoid the crowds whilst on a road trip, then motoring can be fun and even a relaxing part of the break.

Good Weather

Last summer was fantastically warm for long periods all over Europe. Okay, so the winter was one of the wettest we have ever faced, but the long range forecast is for another good summer with plenty of sunshine in
Northern Europe. That is just what you want to hear if you are taking a road trip in Britain, or heading across to the continent from southern England. Booking a package deal in the sun still makes sense, if you are a sun seeker, but only late in the season. In high summer, opt for a road trip instead.

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Get off the Beaten Track

There are so many places you can travel to in Europe, taking the ferry or the channel tunnel; that planning a car trip makes most sense. Sure, there are many more air operators that fly to destinations in Europe than even a couple of decades ago. However, these still tend to be clustered around major hubs and the big cities. By avoiding these places, you can take the route less travelled and enjoy a holiday where you may never see another tourist for weeks on end.

Avoid Air Travel

Baggage reclaim,
security checks and uptight passengers’ means that air travel has become one long hassle. If you opt for a road trip instead, then you arrive at your chosen destination that much more relaxed than you would if you had flown. If you stay in the UK, then you don’t even need your passport, either.

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