Minion Birthday Cake Tutorial


Wednesday 5 March 2014

Minion Birthday Cake Tutorial

This minion birthday cake is easy to make and will look impressive at your minion fans party. 

Middle man decided on a minion cake for his fourth birthday. I was pleased as it was an easy cake to make. I thought I would share a quick tutorial incase you ever find the need to make one. I started by making a round sponge cake with buttercream filling. I then trimmed the sides to make the body shape and covered it with yellow roll out icing.

I then placed some A4 paper over the cake and drew the shape of the trousers so I could then cut the correct shape out of blue icing.

I then added balls of icing for legs and shoes and details on a pocket and straps.

I then made the eyes and used grey icing for the goggles.

Next it was added a smile and hair and then details of stitching using a chocolate writing icing.

Middle man was very happy with his minion cake. If you would like to see the minion party bags I made just click here.

Do you make your own birthday cakes? What is the hardest thing you have been asked to make?

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