The Naughty Spot


Tuesday 14 January 2014

The Naughty Spot

Since turning 2, little man has discovered the naughty spot. I say spot, it is usually the bottom stair. Once a cute lovable smiley boy, he is now the devil in disguise pushing every boundary to the limit. Last week he spent the majority of one meal time sitting on the naughty spot. I don't even remember why I put him on there. I think he spat his drink. I know he refused to apologise as his word of the week was "No."

Once on the step he decided he was going to test me to my limits.

First up he decides to walk off the naughty spot in Daddy's large shoes, hoping that I wouldn't notice he had moved or will find it so incredibly funny that he will get let off. I noticed and I didn't laugh at him. Two minutes later I go and ask him to apologise.

He beeped my nose.

A minute later and he see's if I find him walking in big man's croc's any funnier.

I don't.

Two mins later and I return to find he has emptied the stair basket on the floor and is wearing a sun hat. I was not happy. I was torn between making him tidy the mess and doing his time on the spot. I decided that I would clear the bits up whilst he waited. I bent over putting the objects back into the basket. The problem? Little man noticed I had a builders situation going on and stuck his hand down there.

I screamed. I laughed. He won.

Mummy 0 Little man 1.

It turns out it is not just me that loses against little man though. Daddy put him on the naughty spot at the weekend for being mean to middle man. His way of avoiding his 2 minutes and apology this time? He fell asleep!

I would love to say that this is the last you will hear of little man's behaviour but fear with the terrible two's in full swing it could be a long year! This week's word seem's to be "mine" so I think more trips to the stairs may be on the cards.

Wot So Funee?

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