Minland Toys Review

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Minland Toys Review

Last week I wrote about the Giantte stacking cups and shape sorters we were sent to review. We also received the Miniland Minimobil traffic mat in a bag and Minimobil Jobs tubs. When I saw the cars I immediately thought that they would be fine for baby man, but that middle man wouldn't be interested in them as they are chunky plastic ones. As usual I was wrong and he insisted that I get them out for him to have a play in the garden.

I particularly like the mat. We previously had a play mat that doubled as a box. However, there were two problems with this. Firstly it was a rubbish box as the sides fell in and secondly when it got wet the picture peeled off. This play mat is made of the same type of material as a pop up tent. It is therefore fine if it gets wet. Amazingly it is really simple to get back into its bag too! Just fold both ends towards the middle and it folds flat and is easy to store.

The cars are chunky, so little hands can grasp them easily. The parts move so you could use them in a sand pit as little diggers and dumpers.

We were given the toys to review by DKL toys but the opinions contained here are my own.

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  1. ah love the sandy play shots! perfect summer time :)