Some "Easter" Egg Experiments


Friday 29 March 2013

Some "Easter" Egg Experiments

Big man fancied some science today, so I got out my copy of The Little Giant Book of Science Experiments and had a look for some egg ones. As you can hear by my reaction in this clip, I was a little shocked that this first experiment worked!

Apologies for the high pitched shriek and cackle. The science bit is that the weight of the egg allows it to fall into the cup of water whilst the lighter matchbox falls to the side when the cardboard is pulled away.

Next up we tested to see if the egg was fresh by dropping into a glass of water. As the egg sunk, it was fresh. I had bought them this morning so I was happy that it did.

Then big man added salt to the water. And the same egg floated.

This demonstrated that an egg is heavier than water but lighter than salt water.

Next we looked at a raw and boiled egg:

The yolk moving stops the raw egg from spinning, but when it is boiled it is fixed in one place so it will spin.

And here is our last experiment:

It is all to do with air pressure. The matches heat the air in the vase and it expands. When the matches stop burning, the air cools and the egg is sucked in as the air pressure outside of the vase is greater than inside. And just to prove the egg wont easily come out again here is a photo of me trying!

So here are our egg-periments for Easter. I was in my element. Sorry, I couldn't help myself with those two! Have you got any good egg experiments that we could try?

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  1. wow I will have to give this a try with my boy's x

  2. Wow I am SO trying this with my boy! This is something he would just love! Thanks xx

  3. These sound like fun! Was trying to explain density to my daughter the other day so might try the salt water one to demonstrate it better!

  4. love these kinds of experiments!

  5. What a great, easy to do experiment. My two would love this xx

  6. Grace is always trying to do magic at the moment and these are just the trick! Something else for her to do over the holidays! Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo xx


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