Our Toy Wish List From Debenhams

Monday, 1 December 2014

Our Toy Wish List From Debenhams

Dear Santa

I know you are really busy this time of year and any help we can give you on ideas for toys is good. Luckily Debenhams have a wide variety of toys in stock which will help alleviate the work load on your elves this year. Big man is well aware that you haven't got the time these days to make all the toys yourself due to the rise in population and he is more than happy to suggest a number of goods that are avaliable in Debenhams that he would like under the tree this year.

toy wish list

toy wish list by astrongcoffee on Polyvore

Big man is a little scientist at heart but loves a joke too so the Silly Science for Pranksters would put a smile on his face as well as other peoples. He loves his Lego as well as the Teenage Turtles so this Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lair Invasion set would keep him busy building. He also loves Nerf guns and this Nerf Vortex Pranxis Gun. would complent his ever growing collection.

Top of Middle man's list is Blu Blu the Baby Dolphin. You see middle man has a soft side and he cares for his over sized soft toys. The fact that he can feed Blu Blu fish seems very important to him so he is crossing his fingers that this cute dolphin will be under the tree on Christmas Day. When he has stopped caring for his soft toys he likes nothing better than setting up a battle site in his bedroom and the My Secret Dragon's Lair Play Box from Playmobil has really caught his eye. Last but not least the Pig Out game has been requested on numerous occasions. As it is a 4 player game I am sure Daddy would like to play this whilst Mummy has a cup of tea and a biscuit!

Little man is Octonauts obsessed and one of the very few sets he has not yet got is the Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup-O Dashi set. Please, please, please bring him this Santa or there will be the biggest meltdown I have ever seen! As he is subjected to watching the TV favourites of his older brothers, he would be more than happy with this Spongebob Disc Launcher. He would also be able to defend himself from his older brother with the Nerf gun. The Action Adventure Role Play Collection would light his face up at being a pirate like the ones at the Legoland stunt show.

I know that Mummies don't get on your good girl list as it is only children, however, I have noted a few things that I would like too. (You see my husband subscribes to my blog by email so hopefully he will have a glance through and know what to do.)

My wish list

I hope you aren't getting too stressed out with the preparations for Christmas Eve. Big man is already thinking about what treat you may like. As you know, he likes to give you something healthy as well as a treat, so maybe a smoothie and a Rudolph cake pop will be on your plate this year.

putting out food for Santa

Oh and one last thing, we are going to put the stockings in the hallway this year just to make sure you don't wake anyone up. If you could be as good as to wipe your feet on the doormat too that would be fantastic.

Hope the list helps and Happy Christmas!

Louise xx

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Paula Harvey said...

The Pig Out game looks FAB!

Louise Fairweather said...

That's what my boys think.... I'm undecided but I'm sure it will make them happy x

Louise Fairweather said...

:-) I doubt as much as middle man does - it is all he is talking about at the moment!

Sarah-louise Van Den Berg said...

i wish for anythin

Boo Roo and Tigger Too said...

I'm loving the Action Adventure Role Play Collection it looks like it could provide hours of fun

Louise Fairweather said...

It looks good doesn't it - my boys love dressing up x

PamGregory said...

The 'Silly Science for Pranksters' looks fun!

Wayne Van Den Berg said...


Tracey said...

Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup-O Dashi set! We need one of those too!!!!

Eva Appleby-Gill said...


Hayley Todd said...

Two of the things on your own personal wishlist ~ the Benefit set and the Marc Jacobs perfume were on mine too! Hope you were able to cross them off your list!

jane templeman said...

my boy would love the Lego