I forget how young he is

Thursday, 5 June 2014

I forget how young he is

Middle man is 4 years old. Writing it down, it seems so small. It is small. Yet time and time again I think he is bigger than that. I don't think I'm the only Mum guilty of forgetting how little their little ones are. It starts when they are babies. Whose baby will be first to wean, crawl, walk? Why does it even matter? Why do we try and make our babies grow up so fast?

It is the same with toys. Middle man is 4 so he should be playing with cars, superheros and learning to write. But what does he actually want to do. Well aside from wanting to watch TV all day long he wants to pretend he is a baby sperm whale or other creature he has seen on the TV. He also wants to buy millions of soft toys. If he had his way his room would be filled with soft toys (it is pretty full as it is) but for a 4 year old that is quite cute isn't it? I doubt very much that by the time he is 14, his mates won't be able to hang out in his room because there are too many Ikea rats in there.

The realisation that I treat him as older than his years came when I took him and little man to Paultons Park this week. He wasn't at all bothered that he couldn't go on the rollercoasters because little man was with us, he just wanted to go on the really tame Peppa Rides and point out all the characters. It was lovely. Then best of all were the supermarket style rides that were dotted around the park. It made me realise that I sometimes push him to go on rides that I want to do, and he is just fine with the small rides. He isn't an adrenaline junkie, he is 4. I was worried that we couldn't stay long because we had to pick big man up from school. But again the boys are little, they can't cope with a full day out. They were both asleep in the car within minutes of leaving.

So from now on I am going to take his lead a bit more. See what he wants to do. OK he wont always be able to watch the TV, but I think there will be more playing at home rather than big days out. Are you guilty of thinking your little ones are bigger too?

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justanormalmummy said...

I'm sure we're all guilty of that! Mine is 2 and a half and although she's clearly no baby she really is a tiny person, and I forget that sometimes… xx

Susan Mann said...

Wow your middle one sounds exactly like mine only he's a year older. He loves soft toys, but you forget he isn't the same age as my oldest who is 7. They are inseparable and do the same things, but sometimes you forget he's not 7. Hugs xx

Louise Fairweather said...

Yes I think playing with this older brother makes me think he is the same age x

Louise Fairweather said...

Glad glad it's not just me x

xOjox said...

I am so guilty of this! But mine is 11. He has an older brother and a younger one, I sometimes treat him like his 16 year old brother, when he has more in common with his 6 yr old brother xx

rebecca beesley said...

totally do the same too. Mine still love to see characters in costume like billy bear and postman pat and yet I often think they are 'too old' for it. Having got out some of the toddler toys for Miss T - i often find the boys playing with those toys too. I think it is nice to them to be able to play with things that are mainly for younger kids as it can feel a safe and comforting thing for them. xxx