Why I am looking forward to the summer holidays

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Why I am looking forward to the summer holidays

I think I was pretty aware of what I was walking into when we decided to have a third child. I was aware that the cost implication was going to be huge. I needed a new, bigger car. Holidays would become even more expensive. Only having 2 arms could be problematic if they went in three directions. What I didn't appreciate was how isolating it could feel.

When big man was little I went to every baby class around. He went to college, music, baby signing and swimming. It was to keep me entertained more than him. But we had lots of fun and made lots of friends. Middle man came along. Things changed, but not too much. My friends had second children too, and the only real difference was the amount of children we needed to fit in a house for a play date.

However, now big man has started school and middle man is at pre school, all I do is rush from one place to another. Arranging a class for baby man to do is easier said than done and there is no chance for a coffee and chat afterwards as middle man needs collecting from pre school. Meeting at the park, generally means my friends sit and chat whilst I go running after baby man, as he is still too small to go around by himself. Afternoon meet ups are out of the question as baby man has a nap, and then it is off to get big man from school. Trying to speak to any of the Mum's at the school gate without the interruption of one of my children playing on the slide that they aren't supposed to go on, is near impossible. So strangely, having a third child has become quite isolating.

I wouldn't change it for the world, but it is not something I had considered at all. I also know that it wont last forever. So this is why I am looking forward to the summer holidays. I wont be rushing around as much and I get to see more of my big man too. I know that I wont be able to do lots of day trips as having baby man makes that hard, but we will be able to have some lovely time at home being a family. Just me and my boys. And that makes me very happy.

I do of course reserve the right to totally change my mind 2 days into the summer holidays when having all three at home is driving me bonkers! But for the next week I will look forward to them!


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, hadn't thought of how 3 kids would impact your days like that, no wonder you're looking forward to the holidays.
But yes, you are allowed to change your mind!!

sarah said...

this is exactly my life, i walk past the same mums every week as they have coffee after school drop off. im sure they would happily invite me but there is no way i would tote two toddlers into a cafe. It is a different stage of life isnt it. xx

Louise Fairweather said...

It is, and I know it wont be forever. You must rush around way more than me with all of yours and a job added in too x

Louise Fairweather said...

I figure a large age gap is similar too. I think it was just a shock to not be that different with 2 and then with 3 it totally changing. I might even change my mind after a day!

MissSparkles @ Sparkles and Stretchmarks said...

Aww my sister has 2 kids with a third on the way and she's already worrying about how to manage everything! It must be so stressful (She's a childminder too so she also has to juggle 3 extra children on the school runs!)

I hope you enjoy the whole of the summer hols :)

Sparkles &Stretchmarks

Jen Walshaw said...

I think we all worry how we will juggle our children, no matter how many we have. I worry that mine are so close in age that one always misses out, but as mums we do our best.

I love the more relaxed summers. I love picnics in the parks and evenings on the beach