Pretty.Little.Things Favourite Bathtime Toy

Friday, 6 July 2012

Pretty.Little.Things Favourite Bathtime Toy

My boys love bathtime and if Hubbie is away so do I as it keeps them in one place when I am tired at the end of the day. There are two problems with this weeks theme though. Firstly you all get to see the rather grey bathroom that we haven't got round to replacing yet. Secondly, my boys don't have a favoutite toy in the bath - they are happy with whatever is there whether it is an expensive toy or an old empty bottle.

So here is a collage of them enjoying bathtime. Baby man is too small at the moment other than to splash around - and that he does with lots of smiles. Middle man continues his mess making mischeif even in the bathroom, and big man practices his water pistol skills.


Vikki @ Love From Mummy said...

Fab collage of them all enjoying bathtime in their own way and Awww..... cuteness alert with baby man! Riley's at the same stage of kicking and splashing around. Thanks for linking up again lovely xxx

Louise said...

They are cute when they smile and can't say no!

Lisa said...

Louise - apart from when they're up all night!! Love your three men in their tub, thanks for linking up! X

Louise said...

Oh dear has it been a bad night?