Celebrating Success

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Celebrating Success

Big man is growing up fast. There are lots of things that big man is good at - imaginary play is second to none. When it comes to sports he has chosen to focus on swimming and gymnastics. We started him swimming at the age of 12 weeks. He has always enjoyed it and watching the fun he has in the water makes me happy. My proudest moment has to be when he first swam 5m unaided. His confidence often holds him back. I know he is capable of more than he realises, but to see his face was beautiful He was quite literally beaming from ear to ear. He has lessons in term time and then to celebrate his success we take him to the local water park in the holidays so he can have some fun in the water.

I must say that I was shocked when big man decided to take up gymnastics. I had taken him for a few months and he showed little interest other than bouncing along the air track. If an instructor came near him he screamed. So I decided enough was enough and gymnastics wasn't for him. I didn't want to be a pushy Mum making him do a sport that he didn't like. Big man had different ideas. "When am I going to do gymnastics again Mummy?" became a daily question. In the end I called his bluff and said that he could do it if he went in the "without parents" class. I was pretty sure that after 45 mins of crying and screaming at the instructor we would be able to forget all about it. Of course there was no crying, he did exactly what he was told and goes every Wednesday!

He has his own special blanket that his badges are sewn onto. On a recent trip to his Grandparents it went in his special bag of things he needed to take away. Considering that the only other things in the bag were Mickey Mouse and 2 pairs of pants, I think that shows how proud he is of his sporting achievements to date.

This is my entry for the #PGRaisingOlympians Celebrate Success Linky, sponsered by P&G.

Here is Kim Tannock talking about her son Liam and how she has raised an Olympian.


Alison said...

Love this Lou! Got our two down to start gym at end of August - they can't wait xx

Susanna said...

Love the blanket with the badges

Louise said...

He really loves it - I think the pirate show at Legoland may have been spurred his interest in gymnastics!

Louise said...

Thanks - it was my Mums idea - I didn't want to keep sewing them onto his trunks and then having to unpick it to add a new one. Works really well and he makes me sew the new badges on straight away.