Meal Planning Monday

Sunday, 29 November 2020

Meal Planning Monday

Another week has flown by. I caved in this weekend and got some of the Christmas decorations out. The tree is ordered for next week. If you are looking for some festive treats, come back on Tuesday when I am hosting Cook Blog Share and have some great recipes to share with you.

Roast beef and yorkshire puddings (keto style) Luckily all but one of the boys can't taste the difference so I just make the ones that I can eat too.

Salmon. I am not sure what will go with it, but it was slightly cheaper in Tesco this week so I bought some for now and some for the freezer.

Spaghetti bolognese

Thai green curry I like this as it is mild enough that the boys can enjoy it too.

Chicken Kiev and chips. 

What have you got planned?



  1. Ohh! I will have to pop along again to have a look at Cook Blog Share.
    Great meal plan. x

  2. Ooh I really must make a roast beef soon - yum!

    Hope you're keeping well and thanks for linking up! x

  3. We had salmon as well as it was on offer in tesco. Your week sounds lovely and our tree arrived today be nice to have it up x