Day 12: Kennedy Space Center


Tuesday 28 September 2021

Day 12: Kennedy Space Center

There was one thing on my husbands list when it came to going to Orlando and that was a visit to Kennedy Space Center. I therefore left it for him to sort out tickets and he seemed to think it was “a very reasonable price.” That was, however, until we looked at going when we were out in Florida. At $255 for us all, it wasn’t that cheap! If you are doing anything in Orlando, the general rule is you can get it cheaper booking from the UK.

Luckily, I had signed up to all the Orlando Facebook groups and found a deal where we could be e mailed tickets. It was only meant for UK customers and therefore did need to be booked in advance (so we moved the trip to the end of the holiday) but it saved us a good amount.

The drive to Kennedy Space Center was simple and when we arrived we chose to do the bus tour first. This was interesting and it took you over to the Apollo exhibition.

As a rule, there are lots of showings of films on various aspects of space travel. We enjoyed the ones we watched but there is no way that you could watch all of them.

I found the day much more interesting than I was expecting and it made a change from the theme parks. There is one ride which they claim is like taking off in a rocket. I think that is a bit of a stretch, but it is like going on star tours.

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