Half Term (but not in Surrey)


Sunday 27 February 2022

Half Term (but not in Surrey)

Half term has flown by once again. It’s been an odd one as we seem to have been in the minority compared to the rest of the country and some places (Chessington and Hampton court for example) have quite frankly missed a trick on that one I think.

The beginning or the week saw doctors appointments and blood tests. I am hoping it is one of my last ones for a while. Over the next couple of weeks I have some hospital appointments where I hope they say, we have fixed your problem and you can come off the blood thinners. Fingers crossed.

We had a lovely day with my sister and her cute dog. As you can see I am loving being licked in the face.

On Friday we went to Hampton court palace. We currently have membership after finally visiting The Tower of London in October half term. COVID and operations had been against us and the membership meant we could easily move our tickets.

Hampton court was so quiet. I think we can say tourists have not returned on mass yet. Due to Surrey schools having half term a week earlier they had decided it wasn’t half term and and so some of the parts like the magic garden playground were closed. It was a shame but we certainly had the place to ourselves at times!

The audio guides were informative and free. Not as good as being shown around the Tower of London by a Yeoman but still made for a pleasant day.

I ended off half term with a trip to the local youth theatre with middle man. Now that was good. It never ceases to amaze me how talented people are, and the young girl playing Mrs Lockett was amazing. I really can’t wait to see my boy act like that in the future.
Now it’s back to school and hoping that Easter brings some spring sun and warmth.
What did you do in half term?

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