Our last full day on Orlando


Thursday 30 September 2021

Our last full day on Orlando

We had decided that we would pop to magic Kingdom in the morning for our last day. I had already got fast passes but modified them so they were all before 12.

I had forgotten that it takes time to get over to Magic Kingdom from the car park and the security line was long.

We ran to space mountain and I’m so pleased we did it again. The first time I had been underwhelmed. It wasn’t the Paris ride I was expecting. This time with my lowered expectations it was so much better.

We then popped to Pirates of the Caribbean before watching Mickeys Pilarmagic.

Last fast pass was Aladdin and then it was time for some magic photos before popping to Taco Bell for lunch. This was much better than I was expecting.

We then lazed around the villa before I realised I had lost my Universal ticket. I was fuming. I had had it for the locker for RIP Ride Rockit and still don’t know what happened to it.

The lady that gave us our tickets had told us to photo them in case we lost them or damaged them. Thank God we did!

We popped to Publix to get premade baguettes and then onto Universal. There was a long line of cars waiting for 6pm and free parking. As we got to the park so did the rain clouds. RIP Ride Rockit was closed due to lightening in the area and I waited a lifetime to get my ticket reprinted.

When we finally got in the rain started and we went straight to minion mayhem as the wait was 25mins rather than the 40 in the day. It was such a fun ride.

The rain was then coming thick and fast so we ran to transformers which was walk on. Basically the same as Spider-Man. We preferred Spider-Man though as my boys are not really into transformers.

The rain lifted for a bit so we had a picture at the knight bus, a last look at Diagon alley and a trip on Hogwarts Express to Islands of Adventure.

Once here we got to see the light show. Nice but not amazing. Then one last ride on Forbidden Journey. I loved this ride and it’s top of my simulators list. Even higher than flight of passage – though that is awesome too. I am not great with motion sickness, but it really isn’t bad. Don’t believe all the bad press it receives from some people. Or if you do take a travel sickness tablet just incase. One last ride on Hogwarts Express and the park closed.

We then went to Cold Store Creamery thanks to a recommendation from a friend to try out their ice cream. OMG it is amazing! Tired and happy we headed home, saying an au revior to Universal.

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