Disney Diary Day 8: Clearwater Beach


Friday 24 September 2021

Disney Diary Day 8: Clearwater Beach

Today we decided to head to the coast. Last night we booked a 1pm slot on Little Toot for a dolphin tour. General recommendations seem to be for Little Toot and the Sea Screamer.

We left just gone 8am and arrived around 11. We parked by the boat tours where we got a parking for a few dollars until 3pm. We then had a wander, looking for some food and ending up buying more Rubik’s cubes for my eldest. Lunch was at Starbucks and was pretty pricey.

At 1pm we boarded Little Toot and went in search of dolphins. We saw two almost immediately. I saw we, middle man managed to miss them as he didn’t want to push past people to get to the bottom end of the boat. We saw some more from a distance but again middle man missed out.

Unfortunately we had picked the wrong time. The dolphins all seemed to be having their lunch and a rest! It was disappointing but unfortunately that is what happens in the wild. Middle man was so upset. Right at the last minute he eventually saw a dolphin in the distance – phew! They really can be tricky to see.

We then had a drink and got changed for the beach. Here we met some English people that gave us their body board as they were leaving. It was so hot it was lovely to get into the sea and cool down.

I had been worried about red tide. Whilst the sea may well be clearer at other times of the year, there was no sign of dead fish so all was ok.

After a couple of hours we passed our body board onto another family and headed home.

Stopping on the way for a Five Guys.

Tomorrow, we are heading back to Universal to ride Forbidden Journey and “maybe” RIP Ride Rockit

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