Disney Diary Day 6: The Magic Kingdom


Wednesday 22 September 2021

Disney Diary Day 6: The Magic Kingdom

We arrived at the magic kingdom bright and early and I had totally forgotten that you needed to use the monorail or ferry to get to the park. As it was so early there wasn’t a ferry around so we got in another queue for the monorail. As we entered the park, there were a stream of photographers down main street. As one had no one by her, I quickly asked her for a pic of us infront of the castle. Our first fast pass was for splash mountain at 9.15. At 9.10 it was cancelled as there was an issue with the ride. Result! I had been worried that our fast passes were going back and forth so this helped us out a lot. We were able to go back at any time when the ride opened, so instead we went round tomorrow land whilst we waited for our space mountain fast pass to kick in.

We did tomorrowland speedway where I vowed never to teach my youngest to drive. We followed this with the teacups and Buzz Light Year before heading to Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.

This was much better than I had expected and we joked about how when we took my eldest when he was 9 months old, how he threw up all over me and we had to go home.

We then headed for space mountain and I prepped the younger two for the scary ride. Well what a disappointment! It is nothing like how I remembered the Paris one and was a very tame in the dark coaster.

We decided we would head over to splash mountain and were pleased that our fast pass let us skip the 60 minute queue.

We ate lunch and then it was time for fast pass number 3 – thunder mountain. I like this mine train and it didn’t disappoint.

It was getting hotter by the minute so we decided to share a Mickeys Kitchen sink before heading back to the car via the ferry. Everyone was in need for some downtime at the villa.

We decided that we would have an early tea and head back to the magic kingdom to watch the fireworks. I checked the fast passes and managed to get buzz lightyear for 8pm. Perfect!

As always the fireworks were amazing.

The only downside is the time it takes to get back to the car. We got stuck in a massive queue for the ferry. Here some peoples manners deserted them (Ciara – I am looking at you!)

The boys fell asleep on the way back to the villa and we decided that a well needed rest day was on the cards for tomorrow.

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