Disney Diary Day 4: Universal Studios And Island of Adventures


Tuesday 21 September 2021

Disney Diary Day 4: Universal Studios And Island of Adventures

So today our Disney Diary comes from Universal! Traffic was heavy due to an accident on I4 and we arrived at the massive multi-storey car park later than planned. Parking at Universal is $26 (unless you get there after 6pm when it is free.) We had to exchange our ticket to get passes and eventually at around 10 got into the park. The lady made us photograph our paper passes (incase of damage or loss and that turned out later in the holiday to be a life saver!) We started with twirl and hurl then The Simpsons ride. I had panicked about this as people had said it was a simulator which makes you feel ill. We all loved it and middle man was promised a Lard Lad doughnut for later.

MIB was closed so we headed to past the night bus to find Diagon alley. The rest of the family walked past the entrance and I shouted them back.

I was so excited. It is packed but amazing! A must for any Harry Potter fan. We had a look around and then went to Escape from Gringots. Here you need a locker for your bag. The lockers are small and we just about got our bag in. It costs a couple of dollars while you ride. Walking into Gringotts was amazing and the theming throughout was fantastic

We then took the Hogwarts Express over Islands of Adventure and Hogsmeade. Amazing. You even get to watch people going through the wall at platform 9 3/4. When on the train it is just magical.

We ate our packed lunch and then went to ride flight of the Hippogriff. I liked the theming but the ride was pretty short.

We then went for a wander and arrived at the Hulk with a 20 min wait. My husband took the younger two on storm accelerator. The hulk was fantastic.

As the queue was still short we got a drink and waited whilst my eldest rode again with my husband. Out of nowhere came clouds and the rain started. When I say rain, it was heavy. We tried to walk through the park sheltering along the way. We popped into the kids Dr Seuss ride as there was no wait. It was sweet enough. We then headed to Hogwarts express to ride back. Again beautiful.

The rain was slowing but still there so we chose to do men in Black. It was ok, but quite old in my opinion. We then decided to head home via Lard Lads doughnuts. The Big Pink was just under $8 and fed the five of us.

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