Disney Diary Day 2: Animal Kingdom Rope Drop


Sunday 19 September 2021

Disney Diary Day 2: Animal Kingdom Rope Drop

 Day 2 of my Disney Diary and we decided to make good use of our jet lag. We all awoke at 5 am with middle man angry that we hadn’t woken him for dinner. We had Animal Kingdom fast passes booked and like anyone else that is up bright and early would think, we went to do rope drop for flight of passage.

It wasn’t as horrific as I was expecting. We were let into the park just after 8, to a holding place at 8.30 and had done the ride by 9am. It was absolutely beautiful and everyone loved it. It is a beautiful simulator ride where you ride on the back of a banshee that you can feel ” breathing” between your legs. We watched Avatar a few days before and although not necessary to enjoy the ride, I would recommend it. Even if it’s not the best film in the world.

We then did the Na’vi river journey as the queue was 15 mins and cancelled our fast pass for later in the day. It was slow and beautiful.

Again we cancelled another fast pass to go into Kilimanjaro safari early and booked Dinosaur for later in the day. The fastpass system is good and worth modifying rides when you are in the park. My youngest complained that the flamingoes weren’t pink enough!

Next up was our fast pass for Everest. Such a fun ride. I loved going backwards. Middle man screamed his head off and then announced he loved it! With hindsight, it is the best rollercoaster in Disney World in my opinion.

We then decided it was time to cool off in Kali River Rapids. Florida in August is like walking around a steam room. However, from out of nowhere a thunder storm came. All outside attractions closed and we got soaked. Eventually we got on the rapids which were ok but only worth a short wait.

Festival of the lion king was next up. I loved this show. Full of acrobatics, song and dance. My eldest didn’t get it. He hasn’t seen the Lion King but I don’t think that is necessary. I then heard myself say “I just don’t understand why you don’t like ballet!?!l” to him. In my opinion a fantastic not to be missed show. In my 11 year olds opinion – nah give me a rollercoaster.

Last up was out last fast pass in Animal Kingdom was for Dinosaur. An ok ride with good effects but give me Everest any day.

We then decided to call it a day and go back to the pool to cool down. Tomorrow we have blizzard beach on the cards.

We decided that we would head back to Animal Kingdom later in the holidays to see Pandora at night.

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