Disney Diary Day 10: Typhoon Lagoon And Kobe


Sunday 26 September 2021

Disney Diary Day 10: Typhoon Lagoon And Kobe

Today we decided to have a “rest day.” When I say rest, what I mean is a slightly later start and a trip to a water park. This time it was Typhoon Lagoon.

I had deliberately chosen to do Typhoon Lagoon after Blizzard Beach as general consensus on Facebook was that this was the better park. My boys certainly enjoyed it.

The best thing about Typhoon Lagoon is the massive wave machine. The boys spent hours in there. But beware, it is pretty brutal. If you have sunglasses, goggles, hair bobbles etc, be prepared to loose them. My youngest lost his goggles to the giant wave.

There are also a number of water rides here. We chose to do some of the family raft rides, but the boys just wanted to go back into the Lagoon.

At around 4.30, we decided to head back to the villa as we had a restaurant reservation at Kobe in Kissimmee. Generally we aren’t a fan of American restaurants as they are much the same and have few vegetables. This was a refreshing change and reasonably priced. You choose the meat that you want and then everything is cooked infront of you. There was loads!

The boys enjoyed it and their portions were large. I would certainly look at booking again when we return in a few years.

Tomorrow we have Hollywood Studios booked, but not until the afternoon.

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