Disney Diary Day 1: Getting To Know Orlando


Saturday 18 September 2021

Disney Diary Day 1: Getting To Know Orlando

So after all the planning of the last year, Day one in Orlando taught me that planning goes straight out of the window when you are jet lagged. I also found that keeping a Disney Diary is hard work too!

The boys woke at 5am and we had nothing in the house due to our late arrival the previous evening. Our villa was in Davenport. We got up and showered and off we went to ihop for breakfast. The boys loved it, as did I. Next up was a big Walmart shop. Here I could have murdered my husband as he walked around randomly putting things in our trolley. In total we spent $170. Fresh fruit and veg was expensive (around twice the price of the UK.) Everything else was ok but like buying brands when they aren’t on offer in Tesco. I am one of those people who only buys brands at half price or less so it pained me!

Back to the villa and the boys were in the pool. I know some people go straight to the parks, but there was no way on Earth that I would have coped with that, let alone my boys.

After lunch we had to take our papers to the villa management place and then popped to Disney Springs. This was unrecognisable from 10 years ago when we visited. The rain had started lashing down and it became apparent quite quickly that I would rather get wet than wear a waterproof in the heat.

We had a good wander and my eldest disappeared in the World of Disney. I found this odd as it’s not like he would want to buy any Disney toys. Oh I was wrong!

We popped into the Coca Cola store and after me asking if we needed to pay, middle man went to hug the Coca Cola polar bear. “Don’t worry it won’t move as it’s not real” I announced to a confused looking 9 year old. Yep, he then moved!

We then went and sorted out our Disney passes, ready for animal Kingdom tomorrow. Traffic on the I4 was horrendous, and I think this is something we will need to get used to. 

Middle man announced he was having a nap and went to bed for the rest of the night. I wrote my Disney Diary and was in bed for 8.30.

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